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Sunday, 8 January 2017

[Poem] Of Hopes and Instincts

Hope told me,
That I might see you today.
The news that broke,
Reminded of the ceremony;
I heeded none,
Pushing my doubts away.

Instincts told me,
That I would see you today.
The night that woke me,
Prepared me for the journey;
I stayed at home,
Afraid to go your way.

Truth told me,
That you showed up today.
Regret numbed every bone,
Wishing I had not lay
Down the desire
To see you so badly.

You tell me,
What your eyes saw that day.
Do you know more
Than you should, or secretly
Think sometime of me?
You should let me know someday.

copyright ©  Winepoetess 2016

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