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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Lunch at Itacho Sushi Japanese Restaurant @ Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road #02-35 Plaza Singapura (old wing), Singapore 238839
Tel: 6337 8922

Quality sushi at a sub-premium price, Itacho Sushi Japanese Restaurant started its flagship outlet at Bugis Junction, about 7 years back; that was the first time I tried their sushi.

In the mood for Jap food once again, so I happily popped into Itacho Sushi, seeing there was no queue. Yes, its a weekend lunchtime - no queue!


Started with a cup of Hot Green Tea and Chawanmushi with Salmon Roe (SGD$5.20) - taste was on the lighter and I found the steamed egg a litle watery, but ingredients were quality, consisting of crabmeat, salmon roe, shrimp and mushroom.

Next, Lobster Salad Warship (SGD$2.90) - a seaweed clad sushi with springy lobster and light coat of mayonnaise.

Roasted Squid Leg (SGD$2.40) was literally that - chewy, smokey and deliciously propped atop Japanese rice.

Cod liver and Scallop sushi (SGD$2.80) was a combination of my favorite items - both were fortunately light and sweet in flavour so they complemented each other without clashing.

Roasted Salmon with Cod Fish sushi (SGD$1.60) was beautiful, torched (aburi) salmon with a creamy, melty texture and smokey charm to the saccharine fish.

I also enjoyed the Salmon Salad Lobster Roll (SGD$3.20), crunchy and saccharine lobster mixed with smooth salmon salad, tantalising the palate with their flavours.

Next, Cod Liver (SGD$7.50)  - buttery in texture, light in flavour, devoid of fishy taste .... even lighter in flavour than the cod liver oil we are used to - very easily on the palate.

Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll (SGD$4.90) was average - the soft shell crab was not as crispy or light as the others I usually like, but this one had a more solid texture. Nonetheless, the combination was good.

I enjoyed the food and excellent at Itacho Sushi Restaurant very much, and will be glad to revisit again soon.

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