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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hydropeel Deep Cleansing with Photodynamic Therapy Facial @ Eleve Aesthetic [Sponsored]

11 Tanjong Katong Road #02-47 One KM Mall, Singapore 437157
Tel: 6341 6211 / 8525 2287

I was honoured to be invited for a session of the Hydropeel Deep Cleansing as well as Photodynamic Therapy (worth SGD$300) at Eleve Aesthetic Clinic @ One KM Mall. It is a modest-sized clinic done simply in understated elegance notes of blue and white.

Started by Dr. Lee who used to operate a clinic with other doctors at Hill Street, Eleve Aesthetic was founded around year 2013 / 2014. I was here before for a session of Derma-roller Laser Treatment, but did not return because the ex-marketing manager Lilian was very hard-selling (c'mon, this is an aesthetics clinic and not a beauty salon).

Anyway, they have undergone a kind of revamp / rebranding. Where it used to bustle with a lot of staff and customers, partially also because they offered Facials, today I was stunned to note that the clinic was very peaceful, with only Carmen attending to everything. That said, the rebranding also meant doing away with the facials and treatments of the past, with more high-tech services being brought in - boosters, cryolase, stem cell treatments etc, you name them.

I was offered Hot Chamomile Tea before the Treatment Room. Cosy and neat, with 2 machines which Carmen mentioned she would utilize.

Without changing into robes, I was invited to lay down and she gently removed my makeup for me with a Cleanser and then something foamy.

The Hydropeel Deep Cleanse began, with her describing it as "the wet version of the usual derma-abrasion" when I asked for the difference. It did feel more comfortable and soothing because of the water, while the device rolled over my face to remove cells and possibly dirt.

I was told that this would cleanse and refine my pores; and that there would be no pain nor downtime. That, I could attest to.

Next, to prepare for the second treatment, a clear layer of gel was applied onto my face. Then my eyes were goggled up over a layer of cotton pads for extra protection, for the Photodynamic Therapy using red LED light. Carmen double-confirmed that I was not extra sensitive to light, and that the eye protection was secure. Then she powered on the machine.

Instantly, I could "see" / "feel" the room bathed in red light. If I has expected to feel warm, I did not. In contrast, all I felt were jets of cool air blasting gently at my gelled face.

This treatment is supposed to brighten the complexion, lighten pigmentation and improve skin texture. Similarly, there was no discomfort nor downtime. My skin felt more radiant and definitely "glowing"

Thank you Carmen for the professional and soothing treatments rendered, and thank you Eleve Aesthetic for the invite. It was the perfect going-away gift before I jet off for the long Winter honeymoon in Europe.


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