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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Chilling Out at Ice Edge Cafe @ Hougang

2 Kovan Road #01-10 / 11 Simon Plaza, Singapore 548008
Tel: 6858 5729

Despite having visited Ice Edge Cafe twice, once for lunch and once for afternoon tea, I found myself back here with 2 girlfriends, submerging exhaustingly into their all-too familiar orange booths.

While our ultimate goal was to chill over drinks and late-night coffees, we found ourselves drawn to snacks - the perils of like-minded foodies.

As such, we started with some Battered Enoki Mushrooms - lightly battered so they were crackling on the outside and bursting with earthly juiciness when bitten into. Definitely a good snack over white wines and beers.

Then there was Pistachio Lava Cake with Ice Cream - we chose hazelnut to complement the nutty lava. The dark green murky lava really flowed upon the knife's gentle slit, parting it for our decadent enjoyment.

Hot Chocolate, Coffee and White Wine made up the rest of chillout meal, each one rich or lovely in its own way.

We were glad we came here, and I believe I would return soon again. There's many flavours of ice-cream and sorbet left untried yet.

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