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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

[Poem] Tribute to George Michael

George, 'tis your Last Christmas, 
Have you found angels and peace? 
Your sweet December song, 
A melody that didn't save you 
Are you still praying for time, 
Or setting your soul free? 

I never really knew you, 
Until Careless Whisper stole my heart; 
It was all I danced to, 
With Faith, and Fast Love 
Taking the lead at times; 
These were the days of my life. 

Your voice was soothing, 
Healing the pain felt inside; 
Your heart was generous, 
Like Jesus to a child. 
We thought we knew you, 
Through your songs; we always did. 

You know, my mother had a brother - 
He was a dear, a Father Figure, 
Big-hearted like you, died in October.
It makes me think 2016 is the year 
The angels are all called home; 
To a different corner, away from us. 

You were amazing, 
Your songs touched chords so deep; 
Through our long and winding roads, 
You have been loved (surely); 
And we'd never know where or when, 
We might meet again, at the edge of heaven.

Copyright © Winepoetess 2016

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