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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Lunch at Birds of a Feather Cafe @ Tanjong Pagar

115 Amoy Street, Singapore 069935
Tel: 6221 7449

After seeing gorgeous photos of this new Birds of a Feather Cafe, as well as interesting East-meets-West dishes, I decided to come here for lunch with *Chantal.

The cafe is specious, spanning across units at the Amoy Street shophouses; there is a bar counter for drinks, as well as communal dining tables within. What we loved most were the dimly-lit settings and floating cloud-like "fluffs" hanging from the ceiling.

Service was rather personable but we felt the girls were clearing the tables a little too eagerly (i.e. the moment we finished, they cleared plates, glasses etc).

After browsing the menus and pondering over the many tempting items, we decided to start with Roast Chicken and Avocado Salad (SGD$18.00) seasoned with Szechuan peppers. The presentation was pretty and organized - shreds of roast chicken in / on halved avocadoes, sitting on a bed of salad and pomegranate. Light, natural flavours of chicken and buttery avocado were sizzled up by the mildly spicy Szechuan peppers and lemon dressing, giving the dish a zesty-tangy kick, causing it to be appetite-whetting.

Oriental Bolognaise (SGD$20.00) consisted of angel hair pasta, pork ragout, onsen tamago (poached egg), wilted kale and sakura ebi (small shrimps). If one wishes for spicy, simply top up SGD$2.00 for that fiery touch.

Pasta was fine, smooth and springy; dish was flavorful but not overwhelming, even after we mixed the runny egg into it. Minced pork pieces and crispy small shrimps added bites to the pasta dish, rendering it palatable from start to finish.

Caramel Chocolate Ice Cubes Latte (SGD$7.50) came in a DIY-concept, tall glass jar of milk, jar of ice-cubes and shot of caramel syrup. We poured the caramel and milk into the cold milk and adjusted accordingly. The end result was a luscious iced coffee beverage aromatic with caramel's distinctive flavor.

Finally, the signature Feather's Coffee (SGD$7.50) with its frothy-looking 'feathery' cap made of meringue. Coffee was bittersweet, silky smooth and texturized by the crunchy meringue coating. Loved the coffee absolutely.

Overall, we were glad with the dining experience at Birds of a Feather Cafe, finding the food and drinks immensely enjoyable.

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