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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Afternoon Tea at Epiphyte Cafe @ Chinatown

47 Neil Road, Singapore 088827
Tel: 9451 8873

Located amongst the row of shophouses and home to many restaurants / cafes, is another garden-themed cafe with 2 stories and ran by some friendly owners - named Epiphyte.

Besides the greenery lining the walls, turning this cafe into a botanical room, there are pieces of stunning arts as well, making the place very photo-worthy. Level 2 was the lounge area, more apt for chilling out over drinks.

I came here especially for the interesting cakes, and maybe the beautiful pink risotto, but unfortunately they have changed their opening hours to 4pm. So we took lunch before popping by.

The social-media famous Twilight Cake (SGD$12.00) with its gorgeous glossy galaxy exterior with swirls of unearthly hues, core of orange cointreau curd and soft chocolate sponge cake.

Next, The Terrarium (SGD$12.00 + rum shot SGD$3.00), served prettily in a Whiskey glass, looks like a mini garden made of green sponge cake, chocolate soil, apple compote and mint custard. The rum shot was poured lovingly over the mini "forest", watering it with a lovely liqueur infusion to add punch to the flavour. The first bite of the crumbly rum sponge was odd, but it grew on us with each bite.

Along with the desserts were pots of hot Green Tea with Jasmine.

I will try to come back for dinner, as heard very good reviews about the Pink Risotto etc.

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