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Sunday, 13 November 2016

[Poem] Birth

He pried apart her still legs 
Like a ventriloquist's dummy 
(Do people still use this term nowadays? 
But he does, oh, he does) 
Hearing not her moans and cries, 
Working deftly, swiftly, 
Eradicating her acute agony, 
Eyes focused, hands orchestrated, silently. 

She screamed between her sighs, 
Moving her body in tune to him; 
Leaving raw marks as her nails dug, 
Pooled in warm sweat in this icy room. 
And she heard it, she heard its shrills, 
She saw its head emerging from her; 
The overhead glare continued to blind, 
She, exhausted, seeing only black, collapsed

Copyright © thearcticstar 2016

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