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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Dinner at Style by Style Vibes Cafe @ Mediacorp

1 Stars Avenue #03-01A Media Campus, Singapore 138507
Tel: 8868 2288
Opening hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily except Sundays, which closes at 6.00pm.
(subject to changes if there are events)

Decided to drop by Mediacorp Building for some star-gazing and dinner on a Friday evening, before our monthly wine session. We heard there were a few cafes there, so decided to try one of them - Style by Style Vibes, opened by none other than ex-artiste Sharon Aw herself.

The cafe had a pretty, long grassy exterior and some tables outdoors. The inside was very spacious, with different types of tables and chairs filling up the main areas. A long counter was situated at the front, and I browsed the pastries shelf first, before anything.

A hot cup of Moroccan Mint Tea (SGD$2.50) kickstarted my meal, warming me up on the cool rainy night.

Truffle Fries (SGD$9.90) was good - one could taste the aromatic infusion of truffle oil but not overwhelming, and the lovely taste of potatoes was still evident through parmesan cheese sprinkling.

Salmon Carbonara (SGD$15.90) consisted of a tender wedge of grilled salmon on softened strands of creamy pasta with a heavy garlic flavor.

We also shared the Mushroom and Chicken Pizza (SGD$14.90 for large / SGD$10.90 for small). I have not been a fan of pizzas for a long time, but the sight of this thin-crusted pizza laden to the brim with ingredients, was enough to work up an appetite. Ingredients were generous and crust was crispy, so it was a tasty delight.

Moving on to our favorite parts of the meal - desserts! Baked fresh daily by the cafe's central kitchen, these delicious and quality cakes are also sent to some hotels for sale to their patrons.

Salted Caramel Cake (SGD$7.90) looked humble and plain in its light colors, but the smooth, salted cream was a pleasing touch to the palate. Combined with the fluffy sweetness of the cake, we were happy to have ordered this.

Next, Chocolate Truffle Cake (SGD$6.90) was rich and decadent, with chocolate dustings that melted on the tongue like a dream.

Finally, Durian Pandan Kaya Cake (SGD$7.90), beckoning with its bright green and yellow colors. Soft chiffon layers boosted gently of sweetness of kaya and fragrance of pandan, enhanced dramatically by durian aroma. If you are a durian fan you would enjoy this indulgence very much.

Overall, the food and service at this cafe was pretty enjoyable. The crew was very friendly and hospitable, checking that we were happy with our meal.

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