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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Dinner at Royz et Vous Cafe @ Raffles Place

137 Telok Ayer Street #01-01 Hokkien Association Building, Singapore 068602
Tel: 6293 0270

What used to be a tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe at Arab Street area, has relocated and blossomed into a rather spacious cottage-like cafe bistro with expanse of alfresco seating and a bar ledge meant for people watching. 

I was glad we decided to come here,  because the beautiful ambience and excellent, personable service just blew me away.  One could always expect a smile from the staff, be it order taking, clearing of plates or sending the bill.

Being the alcoholic that I am, I had to check out their non-alcoholic Lussory Carl Jung Red Wine (SGD$8.90) from Spain - there's the white version too, if you are keen. Not too sweet, very smooth, and one could still detect faint traces of alcohol within this beverage. Tempted to get another glass, though.

We decided to do the girly thing and share a salad and a main, beginning with Mango Chicken Salad (SGD$12.90), for a rather huge serving. Fresh, crunchy lettuce paired with juicy tomatoes, sweet fresh Thai mango dices and succulent Cajun chicken cubes made for a good starter. Ingredients were so fresh and tasty, no dressing was required.

For mains, we had Brazen Beef (SGD$32.90), medium doneness. We felt it was a little on the medium-rare side, but I liked it that way - the Striploin was very tender, moistened, even juicy and lightly salted. Fries were crispy and bed of lettuce was fresh with sweetness. This was a hearty dish and we were happy with the recommendation. It went well with my wine as well.

Time for after-dinner drinks. Desserts of tall Cakes (SGD$8.90 / slice) looked very tempting, but we were both stuffed to the  rim.

*Shanti had a Caramel Latte (SGD$6.00) that was served with pretty latte art, and she enjoyed her coffee.

I seldom take coffee or tea latte at night, for fear of sleeplessness, but somehow I decided to try their Red Rooibos Tea Latte (SGD$7.00), a reddish cup of very yummy tea latte, redolent of rooiboos' exotic taste and definitely sweet. It was one of the best lattes I have ever tried - if I had to sacrifice sleep for it, I'd gladly do so.

Overall, we had a good time here at Royz et Vous Cafe, largely because of the delectable dishes and amicable service. They have just opened an even bigger outlet at Chai Chee area, so drop by if you are in the area.

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