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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Desserts at The Fluff Bakery @ Bugis

4 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199071
Tel:  Not provided

Fluff Bakery is a small desserts shop located the Haji Lane / Arab Street cluster of shophouses. I discovered it by chance - was waiting out the 1-hour queue at The Lab (review here( for dinner, so I popped right opposite and there it was - a pretty little cupcakes shop wafting very delicious aromas the moment I stepped in.

So the specialties were apparently cupcakes, but they also have some other cakes and tarts on display. This is pretty much a takeout shop with no tables or chairs for dining in. Service was friendly and the many flavours of cupcakes went for SGD$4.00 each (yes, more expensive than Twelve Cupcakes).

Curious and unable to resist the sweet aromas penetrating my nose, I ordered  4 to try. By the way, they change menus on a weekly basis so check out the surprises when you can, and note that their cupcakes contain fillings in the center.

The Lemon Meringue Cupcake was so fine in texture, bursting with distinctive touch of zest to give this cupcake a refreshing element. Lemon cream can  be found in the core of the cupcake. My friends thought it was a little sweet though, I thought the level of sweetness was just nice.

The Horlicks Cupcake was divine - the first fluffy bite exuded strong maltish taste of our favorite childhood beverage. Horlicks lovers would appreciate this dessert very much, finding it especially delightful to dig into the center where a small pool of Horlicks sauce lies within.

Next, Red Velvet Cupcake - fine and moist in texture, rich in its chocolately flavour, with a velvety chocolate heart.

Finally, Salted Caramel Cupcake - blend of sweet and salty, with a sticky but delicious core made of salted caramel itself.

Their cupcakes are certainly delicious, and totally worth the carbs.   We also tried a slice of the Chocolate Cake but forgotten to take pics while it was still in good shape - smooth, sticky with a sandy texture and richly luscious in taste.

Love the desserts here absolutely, and would certainly be back to buy more for friends and family.

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