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Monday, 10 October 2016

Review on Hue Floresta's White-A-Fair Serum, Night Cream and Facial Masks

Understanding that whitening and fair skin is a much sought-after beauty desire of Asian women today, where the key is through attainmemt of clear and bright complexion, Hue Floresta's range of beauty skincare products uses soy deriatives yogurt and pearl to target pigmentation and skin discoloration issues, letting us achieve fair skin without topica bleaching whitening agents.

I was fortunate enough to be able to try them before my wedding (the Nuptial Series here) - thank you founders, which prompted me to purchase more to try because they felt so good on the skin.

The Revitalising Treatment Essence comprises rose water, aloe vera and effective humectant sodium hyaluronate, effectively balancing the skin.

The essence is clear, translucent and cooling. Upon application onto the skin, my skin became very moisturized and smooth instantly, so smooth it felt powdery, what a lovely feeling.

The Intensive Whitening  Treatment Mask (5 sheets in a pack) contains revolutionary purified soy yogurt filtrate the deep layers of skin to inhibit production and transfer of melanin.

The way to use this mask is to leave it on cleaned skin for about 15 minutes, and then lightly pat dry ; do not rinse. I loved how the sheet masks kept my skin intensely hydrated and firm.

Finally, Night Repair Emulsion , tub of 30ml. To be applied at night, this rich cream hydrates, renews and repairs cells as we sleep, blocking enzyme reaction that causes pigmentation.

It may feel rich and greasy upon application, but gets absorbed very quickly into the skin, leaving it soft and dewy as it works through the night.

Overall, I love their products and will be glad to continue using them for long-term visible results.  I heard that new products are also in the pipeline, and have also volunteered to be the first customer for one of the upcoming new creations. Looking forward!

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