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Sunday, 2 October 2016

[Japan IPL Express 3rd Anniversary] Review on Brazilian IPL session

5 Raffles Place #B1-69 Raffles Place MRT, Singapore 048618
Tel: 6636 0550

Having tried their IPL for face for a few sessions before (review here), I decided to use them for my virgin IPL Brazilian as well.  Anyway, Japan IPL Express was celebrating their 3rd anniversary in Singapore, hence inviting us to enjoy 100 free shots on 3 September 2016!

So I walked in, since they go by appointment basis, and gave them my telephone number for registration. Yes, over here, registration and checking of your visit history, remaining shots etc is all done using mobile number, no need NRIC or any member card.

The friendly consultant / therapist brought me to the clean and neat room, where I changed into the sky blue robe and used their antiseptic wipes to clean the relevant body parts. I then lay down on the bed where a clean sheet of paper was lain for me.

She then asked if I had any shaver; I said no, and bought one at SGD$1.98. Yes, it is required to shave or be shaved before the IPL Brazilian session. For hygiene reason, the shaver will be discarded after use though they would ask if you want to keep it beforehand.

Oh by the way, I had concerns about the antiseptic procedure, worrying that the same device used for face IPL might be the same one used for Brazilian IPL (silly me), then the therapist assured me that firstly, they use different devices for face and body; secondly they definitely sterilize before each usage.

I was also assured that it would be painless, after expressing how I felt during waxing and sugaring sessions. A pair of dark glasses were slung over my eyes for protection.

The IPL shots began after the therapist put a thick coat of cold gel on my female parts. While I could see bright flashes of light, I did not feel any pain indeed. All that I felt were warm touches whenever a shot was fired, killing off the hair follicles to prevent growth. There was no major discomfort.

The flashes of bright light whenever an IPL shot is fired

The session ended around 20 minutes later and 115 shots were used on me. I cleaned up, got dressed, and paid up at the counter. A little up-sell was being attempted, asking me to take up more shots (in packages) so that the price of each shot goes down to 80 cents, 90 cents etc.

Other than that, service was good - warm and professional at all times. And I now boost a hairless nether region without suffering any agony at all. Though, the groin area is not smooth and "hairless" the way it is, after waxing or sugaring - short strays of the shave are still around. I had a couple of small bumps a couple of days later, making it rethink if IPL Brazilian is suitable for me.

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