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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

[Invited Tasting] Greenwood Fish Market 13th Anniversary Gala Dinner @ Sentosa Cove

31 Ocean Way #01-04 / 05 Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098375
Tel: 6262 0450

Happening on 20th October 2016 at Bukit Timah Outlet and 26th October 2016 at Quayside Isle Outlet respectively, from 6.30pm till closing - is Greenwood Seafood Market's 13th Anniversary Gala Dinner, a buffet style with widespread fresh, innovative seafood dishes.

The Food Package (SGD$99.00++) comprises Cold Station, Sashimi Station, Smorgasbord Station, Foie Gras Station, Whole Roasts Station, Salad and Dessert Bar. The Drinks Package (SGD$49.00++) consists of free-flow of Prosecco, House Wines, Beer and other drinks. There are other promotions for Lobster and Giant Halibut as well, for the seafood lovers - so come on down and join in the celebration.

I have visited Greenwood Fish Market's Bukit Timah outlet a few times, and was thus excited to be checking out their Quayside Isle station, dining by the marina and sea-view! It was a very spacious restaurant with well-spaced tables, many different areas from indoors to alfresco. Service was professional and personable, with Clifford himself leading by example.

Bread starter was good - especially the Tomato Focaccia with cheese, as well as the Olive Bread. The Hawaiian or Californian roll (the brown one) was a little hard for my preference, but it was very aromatic.

We started with a mini cold platter, comprising Freshly-shucked Oysters (Irish Ostera Regal), Pickled Oysters (French Gillardeau) and Chu Toro Sashimi. Fleshy freshness was the name of the game, especially for the freshly-shucked Oysters; the pickled Oysters were seasoned with a dark soy sauce which we felt obliterated the natural sweetness of the Oysters; the Chu Toro practically dissolved in our mouths.

Moving on, we had a variety of small tapas items - Cold Smoked Salmon with Blueberries and Feta Pearls (tasty, bursting with flavours), Sauteed Spinach on Smoked Shirobuta with Fried Caper Aioli (giving us the best of their woodfire goodness), Cooked Prawns with Crabmeat Slaw (indulgent and saccharine), Hot Smoked Trout with Shaved Avocado (brilliantly combining smokey deliciousness with buttery rawness), Blue Cheese with Maple Syrup (light, non-pungent, the fig piece helped a lot), and Poached Halibut on Sea Lavender (palatable and well-balanced item).

Bluefin Tartare with White Truffle Rice and Russian Caviar was decadent, umami, smooth Bluefin tuna tartare heightened by piquant earthly flavour of truffle.

Following that, Butternut Pumpkin and Smoked Cheddar Soup, with Onion Puree and served in Espresso cups - an interesting, creamy soup sweetened by pumpkin's natural taste, yet given a lovely twist by the melted cheese.

The Pan-seared Swordfish Belly, served with Pea Risotto - in Avocado skin, was one of my very favorites of the night. The Swordfish Belly was light in flavour and tender-textured; the pea risotto boosted lightly of pea's flavour, infused with avocado aroma.

Next, King Crab Legs with Sweet Potato Cream and Truffle Butter, a luscious creation casting an impression on me with springy, shelled crab leg and gentle sweetness of sweet potato cream.

Then we tried the Chef's Platter, comprising USD Prime Rib slices with American Dill Pickles (thought the texture was a little chewy for my liking), Boston Lobster Tails Grilled with Chimichurri (utterly bouncy in texture, luscious in taste, loved it!) as well as Rock Lobster Medallions on Sobayaki Aioli (the latter is Tofu and Ginger Glaze - this lightly-battered lobster was so good, so good, like tempura, and fantastic when eaten with the tofu curd. The combination of hot and cold,  hard and soft, saccharine and salty, excited the tastebuds.

Finally, Desserts were served! There were light, airy Donuts to reckon with, and a Coconut Panna Cotta that was robust of the tropical fruit's flavour. I also loved the Strawberry and Passion Fruit Frozen Parfait - the perfect cooler after a heavy seafood dinner. Finally, the dense Banoffee Tarts - made of bananas and toffee - sapid of banana flavour largely due to the use of fresh bananas.

Overall, we enjoyed the food very much, marking a few items as personal favorites. Come on down to enjoy a meal here and take part in their 13th Anniversary Gala Dinner so you could indulge in sumptuous weekend meal at a leisurely pace, in comfortable settings and being attended to by very hospitable, understanding staff!

Thank you Greenwood Fish Market for the invite, as well as Clifford for the arrangements.

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