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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Dinner at Jin Fine Dining @ Amoy Hotel

74 / 76 Telok Ayer Street, Lobby Level, Amoy Hotel @ Far East Square, Singapore 048462
Tel: 6536 6258

Having walked past the heritage lobby of Amoy Hotel several times, and definitely curious about their JIN Fine Dining Restaurant here, I knew we had to eat at this restaurant.

Enclosed in a beautiful vintage Oriental settings and helmed by Chef Thomas Kok (formerly from M Hotel, and one of the pioneer Japanese chefs in Singapore), is the restaurant itself. There's a sushi counter if one wishes to watch and enjoy their freshly-prepared sushi / sashimi dishes; service was cheery and personable, even attentive, so it made dining very enjoyable here.

Menu was extensive and comprised of many different items, ranging from sashimi to tempura to sushi to rice and noodle dishes as well as set meals. Needless to say, we were spoilt for choice. The restaurant also has many types of Japanese sake and alcoholic beverages.

Choice of drinks for all of us was Iced Yuzu Tea (SGD$4.00) - sweet, gently citrusy and redolent of yuzu's distinctive fragrance.

We started with Shisamo (SGD$8.00) - Grilled Capelin Fish, that came with three. I didnt eat this dish but the buddy said it was good.

Then we had Ika Sugata Yaki (SGD$15.00) - Grilled Squid with Sea Salt, which was tasty with infusion of sea salt and faint smokey hints; flesh was crunchy and chewy all at once, tearing nicely when bitten into, making it enjoyable to eat.

We also had Edamame (SGD$6.00) better known as Boiled Soybeans - lightly saltish, but overall, soft and lovely to pop into the mouth.

Final shared appetiser was Gyuniku Itame (SGD18.00) -  Pan Fried Hokkaido Snow Beef with Mushrooms.  A very tender dish with thinly-sliced beef, scumptious, complemented by earthly sweetness of the white mushrooms.

Mains came next. *Anoushka had the Shake Maguro Chirashi Don (SGD$23.00) - raw salmon and tuna slices with ikura (salmon roe) on wild rice. The combination was a delicious creation of fresh, melty raw tuna and springy salmon on crispy grains.

*Gareth had the Sushi Gozen set (SGD$42.00, consisting of assorted tempura (battered prawns and lady's fingers mainly), chawanmushi (steamed egg custard), variety of sashimi (raw salmon, swordfish and tuna) a bowl of Miso Soup and small array of sushi. This was utterly value-for-money and enables having the best of all worlds.

I chose the Shake Hotate Chirashi (SGD$23.00) - thick freshly slices of raw salmon and luscious, melts-in-the-mouth raw scallops with a nice toss of ikura. Loved the crunch of the grainy wild rice and the feeling of being "healthier".

We were full, all three of us, and enjoyed the delicious meal here immensely.

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