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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Review on Hair and Scalp Treatment at Jonsson Protein Hair Care @ Plaza Singapura [Sponsored]

68 Orchard Road #04- (New Wing) Plaza Singapura, Singapore
Tel: 6333 1661

I was honoured to be invited for a sponsored session of hair care and scalp treatment (worth SGD$300) by Jonsson Protein Hair Care at Plaza Singapura.  My hair and scalp are healthy generally, except for a little hair loss (usually due to brushing) and a few strands of gray hair here and there.

Jonsson is a hair and scalp care salon in Singapore, not your usual hair salon. They are from the USA and focus on using proteins treatment primarily - both using proteins to treat our conditions externally and stimulating our internal proteins growth. This sets them apart from the all-familiar Yun Nam or Beijing 101 which use herbal formulae.

On top of that, Jonsson also has their own in-house hairstylists and doctors to offer a full suite of services to their customers. These services have to be arranged in advance by appointment basis.

Upon arrival, the usual declaration form filling and consultation process took place, followed by a head scan segmented into left, crown and right. The problems (oily scalp and weak follicles) were diagnosed and being explained to me, and these results would also help in the tailoring of solutions to fit my issues best. My results were displayed on their program on the computer for me to see.

I was then taken to the treatment room - yes, instead of the usual rows of mirrors where everyone is able to stare at each other undergoing hair services, here they have individual rooms to offer privacy and exclusivity. I loved it already.

A foamy, cool glass of Protein Drink was being served to me, faintly sweet of cherry taste. I enjoyed this beverage knowing the goodness it contains.

The therapist, Pearly, came in to execute the treatment shortly. She started off by rinsing my hair with their in-house shampoo. For me, the chosen shampoo targeted oily scalp, and had a refreshing, soothing minty note to it. The experience therapist also gave me a pretty intensive scalp and back massage at this juncture.

Rinsing came next - all we had to do was swivel the chair around, and lower it so that my head was in the washbasin. It was so convenient.

Following that, Pearly applied the Protein Treatment Mask to my scalp. It was in a gel form, and had no strong odors. It even felt soothing upon my scalp.

My hair was wrapped up and steamed (see the hot wisps of air in photo above) for around 15 minutes. Another round of massage and rinse took place thereafter, with my supposedly oily scalp being cleansed. She also monitored the amount of hair loss during these 2 rinses.

She blew my hair dry for me and applied cooling essence to my scalp to lock in the proteins and fortify the treatment. Scalp did feel very much cleaner, and hair lighter. I was brought back to the consultation room for another round of scalp scans and attempts to make me commit by signing up.

Overall, service was professionally executed and Pearly was very knowledgeable and eager to share knowledge. A little less attempt to hardsell throughout the treatment session would make it very enjoyable, but I managed to turn her sales talk into a mini Q&A session satisfying my queries on hair and scalp care.

I also received a set of Jonsson's very own haircare products to bring home, consisting of shampoo, hair conditioner and scalp essence. Thank you again for the lovely treatment and a healthier scalp!

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