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Monday, 19 September 2016

[Media Invite] Dinner at Kenhiru Japanese Restaurant

56 Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229667
Tel: 6684 4418

Hidden deep among private houses and condominum blocks is a restaurant situated right at a row of two-storied terrace houses. Kenhiru Japanese Restaurant stands out like a beacon in the night, welcoming guests with its boldly-lit signboard.

One takes the steps up into a cozy restaurant with simple but tasteful decor and is greeted by the amicable service crew. The owner Grace is herself a very hospitable host, and ensures quality in all her food items.

A TV sits at the top right corner of the restaurant, entertaining guests with episodes of "Just for Laughs" - so ensure your dining partners don't sit facing the TV if you desire conversation with them.

I attended this media-invited tasting with representatives from Hungrygowhere and some other familiar reviewers / bloggers; and had the honour of being hosted by Grace personally.

Horenzo Salad (SGD$10.80) kickstarted the tasting session - spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, bacon bits and sesame dressing. The latter was served separately but tasted so good - sweet, creamy and accentuated the flavour of the softly-bitter spinach.

Next, Japanese Potato Salad (SGD$9.80) - mound of mashed potatoes that contain little potato chunks, giving it a nice "mouth-feel", sitting atop a juicy tomato. Bits of bacon, cucumber and carrot added crunch and flavour to the creamy appetiser.

Following that, Iberico Pork Tonkatsu (SGD$27.80) - lightly battered with bread crumbs, deep-fried, and very tender on the inside, bursting with gentle herbal notes. My gums aches for this right now, wishing I could sink my teeth in just to hear the crackle, and then landing itself in juicy goodness.

The Kawa Ebi Karaage (SGD$11.80) - deep fried river shrimps, surprised us beautifully with tasty, plump flesh within the crispy shells when we were least expecting it.

Then the Gyu Tataki Carpiccio (SGD$25.80) - herb seasoned Wagyu Beef thinly-sliced the Japanese way. Each layer quivered deliciously with fats and melted in the mouth beautifully.

Iberico Pork Rack (SGD$40.80) -seared Iberico pork racks with herbs in teriyaki glaze sauce. Juicy, succulent and moistened, bringing out the natural sweetness of black pork, easily making this dish another of our favorites.

Then the Miso Soup (SGD$2.80), made lovingly from scratch with no ajinomoto or other unnatural food flavourings, this delicious soup is packed with fresh cubes of salmon, tuna and snapper at the bottom too!

Kaisen Don (SGD$28.80), usually available on Lunch Menu, may be requested for dinner. And why not? Thick, fresh slices of assorted raw fish (sashimi) topping a bowl of premier Niigata rice, vinegar-infused.

Finally, time for desserts! This Okinawa Brown Sugar Crepe Rolls (SGD$6.80) are made of brown sugar and delicately crispy around the edges. The body has a crepe-like texture and rolls out nicely without any hints of stickiness. Dip it generously into the unsweetened cream and chew away delightfully.

Here's Chef Raymond and affable owner Grace of Kenhiru. Thank you so much for the wonderful tasting session! Thank you Hungrygowhere for the invite.

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