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Sunday, 25 September 2016

[Media Invite] Dinner at Spuds & Aprons @ Faber Peak

109 Mt. Faber Road, Level 2, Singapore 099203
Tel: 6377 0688

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri (12pm to 11pm) / Sat to Sun (11am to 11pm)

Up, up and away! - from the hustle and bustle of city life, to the almost halcyon heights at Faber Peak (Mt. Faber). Formerly known as The Jewel Box, this new hilltop destination now houses a cluster of dining and entertainment, cable car joyrides and unique experiences for locals and tourists alike. Located 100 metres above sea level, this inviting dining haven boldly offers spectacular views overlooking waters, islands and citylights, serenity as well as delectable dining experience.

I was honoured to be invited for media tasting with representatives from Hungrygowhere and some familiar reviewers / bloggers. We came by the very comfortable Cable Cars at Harbourfront Tower 2, catching glimpses of the gorgeous sunset before our meal. Take note to alight 2 stops later, and last cable car leaves Mt. Faber at 9.30pm in the evenings.

A sight to behold, scintillating on top of the hill - Spuds and Aprons is but a delightful alcove encased in stunning glass architecture, framed by elegant hiba wood arcs, ancient angsana trees and complemented  by a rainbow-coloured stairway aptly named "Happy Steps".  Seating concept is open, romantic, and houses a capacity of 50 indoors, with a further 160 outdoors.

At Spuds and Aprons, helmed by executive chef Derrick Ang, who artfully marrying East and West cuisine into palatable and creative dishes. We started with a delicious and healthy drink named Chunky Munchies Soda with Nata D'coco (SGD$8.00) - the drink was a beautiful maroon hue and stuffed with lots of berries; utterly refreshing and lovely.

Their signature Chilli Crab in a Tux (SGD$14.00) blew me away with robust, spicy flavours of a much-loved local delight, encased in jackets of lightly-battered potato skin - a playful and splendid creation.

Sweet Potato Fries (SGD$10.00) with sea salt and Japanese curry mayo was dense in texture; with well-combined sweet-salty unions.

The Thai Green Curry with Rice Crackers (SGD$14.00) made for an appetite-whetting starter and set our teeth crackling away with rice crackers dipped generously with green curry. This start is easily-addictive, especially if beer comes into the picture.

Next, a very dangerously sinful but irresistible Truffle Wicked Fries & Gravy (SGD$13.00) - thick cut crispy fries doused with 6 types of cheeses - Emmental, Gruyere, Provolone, Cheddar, Mozzarella and Parmesan. The intensity of the cheese secured the palate's approval firmly and as a result, not a single drop of melted cheese was spared from the plate.

Onto the mains, we had Crispy Pork Belly (SGD$27.00) - pork belly soaked in a hot tub and slow-cooked until fork tender, perfectly crisped and served with homemade pineapple pickle and mixed brown rice. You might want to know there are pickled turnip (cai po) in the brown rice, giving it an extra crunch and boost of flavour.  Thumbs and toes up for this dish.

Tobiko Crusted Cod Fillet (SGD$32.00) - Atlantic Cod fillet with Omega 3 goodness, oven-roasted, topped with tobiko and served with green tea soba noodles and aged ponzu sauce. A very 'lady' dish, you say? From the saccharine cod to the ponzu-soaked green tea noodles, this dish exuded understated elegance and went very easy on the palate.

The Grilled King Prawns (SGD$32.00) scored the highest points for presentation that night - plump, succulent, grilled whole Tiger Prawns, sitting on an almost golden pool of tangy Tom Yum broth, flanked by silky al dente spool of squid ink pasta. Shimeiji mushrooms and cherry tomatoes added to adorn the pretty dish - I loved the look of this dish over the interesting contrast of squid ink versus tom yum.

Next, BBQ Baby Back Ribs (SGD$26.00) - slow-cooked baby back ribs in homemade barbecue sauce, char-grilled until tender, served with tangy coleslaw and French Fries.

Following that, the Gorgeous Beef Guinness (SGD$28.00) - Guinness stout chunky beef stew with shallots and mashed potato - a heartwarming dish that would be perfect for chilly nights especially. I loved the strong flavour of Guinness in the dish, but thought that the dish itself was a tad dry.

Final main course of the night was the Quack and Go (SGD$26.00) - Asian-spiced Duck Leg Confit with spicy mango salsa and mixed brown rice with pickled turnip (cai po). I enjoyed the crispy duck leg confit with succulent flesh as well as the refreshing idea of eating this item with rice.

Desserts were served! The Jars of  Happiness (SGD$11.00) - shortbread biscuits with almond flakes lined the bottom of the glass jars, topped with Haagen Dazs vanilla ice-cream, mixed berries and peaked by mixed berry compote. The perfect sweet cooler after the savoury and spicy dishes earlier on.

Chempedek Bread & Butter Pudding (SGD$12.00) fastened strings of the heart with its croissant pudding (not just any bread!), piquant aroma of chempedek and Haagen Dazs vanilla ice-cream. A very tropical twist to a wholesome, traditional dessert.

We concluded the meal with Banana Heaven (SGD$12.00) - banana biscuit with light vanilla cream, chocolate chip cookies and caramel. The moistened banana biscuit could've passed off a denser cake, distinctively delicious of banana flavour.

The meal was so delicious we nearly missed the last cable car back to the city!  Thank you Spuds and Aprons especially Tracy and Yee San for hosting us, as well as thank you Hungrygowhere for the invite.

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