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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Afternoon Tea at Mellower Coffee @ Robinson Road

77 Robinson Road #01-03 Singapore 088896
Tel: 6532 2436

Mellower Coffee is a Shanghai cafe with coffee from all over the regions. They also conduct coffee appreciation sessions for the enthusiasts. This is evident from this room dedicated for budding baristas and coffee lovers to learn all about the art of coffee-making.

A spacious cafe it is, boldly occupying 2 units of the building. I have been curious about it for months, literally watching this space. What was a deserted cafe slowly flourished, now crowded even on weekday afternoons. By the way, the word "mellower" simply means "soft, sweet, full-flavoured from ripeness" - a term for their coffee beans?

Interior is beautiful -  a mixture of rustic chic and artistic, even utilising coffee apparatus as part of their decor. A mixture of couch seats as well as sturdy chairs are available, making it suitable for both business discussion and chilling out.

An assortment of coffee, tea and cakes are available for patrons; I didn't notice if they serve savoury items such as sandwiches etc. Counter service of the crew is friendly enough, but everything was self-service, from ordering to payment to collection.

I asked for the recommended coffee here, and was informed it is Flat White (SGD$5.40). Rather creamy in taste, the mild bittersweet had a nutty hint about it, not bad really.  Loved the tiny golden spoons - they come with weight by the way.

I forgot to ask my friend what coffee he ordered - should be a Latte, from the looks of it.

It was a very tough decision when it came to cakes. My favoritest cake in the world is Blackforest, but as this is a halal cafe, I was informed there is no alcohol in the chocolate-cherries cake. The same for Tiramisu - except that this was an Orange Tiramisu, something original. They informed me that Chocolate Truffle was one of their favorites as well, and Red Velvet was new. To add on, I spotted my weakness - Rainbow Cake.

Anyway, we managed to make up our minds and placed our orders.

Orange Tiramisu (SGD$7.20) was soft and moistened, served on a huge plate with simple plating. The orange flavour crept softly amidst coffee's stronger, darker notes - interesting, but not remarkable.

Rainbow Cake (SGD$7.20) featured thin, colorful layers and was sweet, with a uniformity across all bands of colours. I liked how it was fine, firm but soft, and came with nutty exterior.

Overall, enjoyed the coffee-ing experience here. I hope to have the opportunity to come back to try more cakes, and maybe even taking one of the coffee appreciation courses.

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