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Monday, 8 August 2016

Organic Hair Removal by Sugaring (not Brazilian Waxing) at SUGARED @ Bukit Timah

277 Bukit Timah #02- 02  Second Avenue Junction, Singapore 269748
Tel:  6816 6288 / 9122 9366

After hearing all the amazing and sweet stuff about organic hair removal at Sugared, today, I finally headed down for my very own experience.  It is amazing what a simple ball of sugar is able to do.....without heat too.  Each session is SGD$60.00, and takes around 30 to 50 minutes.

From what I understand, this was supposed to be a painless hair removal process, using oganic and natural methods to achieve a hairless and smooth skin. I was also informed that while waxing removes hair from the same direction of hair growth, sugaring does the reverse, removing the tiny hair buds together as well, slowing down hair growth at unwanted areas.

Service, all the way from booking ( I did mine via Whatsapp) to registration to the actual procedure, was professional and friendly, and I was very comfortable with the entire communication throughout.

The location was a stone's throw away from Sixth Avenue MRT station, right after the Esso petrol station. Decor was simple, sleek and understated elegance, in tones of white and wood. Shelves of their products line the walls as well - from mud masks to facial scrubs etc, their products are all natural.

I went to one of the treatment rooms and my friendly therapist attended to me, explaining to me the procedure. Once I was prepared (not much, don't worry - basically just removing the underwear and lying down on the plastic sheet on the bed with towel covered), the therapist used wipes to clean up the area to be sugared.

She then used their (house?) Tonic followed by Powder on my body (the area to be sugared), explaining that while one was to disinfect and soothe, the other was to smoothen the process.

Then I was invited to examine the simple, natural ingredients that made up the main key tool for hair removal today - a mixture of sugar, lemon and water. They were being cooked in a small cooker, and she assured me that this mixture was edible, passing me a small portion to try.

Oh my gawd, it was delicious - sweet and sticky, reminiscent of malt candy, save for the zesty touch.

I climbed back into bed and she began the procesd of hair removal. My legs were bent inwards into "butterfly" wings and my hands were pulling my skin taut while she spread the huge ball of sugar onto my body.  And yanked.

Out came the hair! Leaving me reeling in shocked pain. Okay, to be fair, I guess I felt this painful because I had expected this process to totally painfree, hence the sharp stinging pain when she pulled the ball away got to me.

She was very meticulous, and we chatted away while she continued doing what she did best. After the sugaring process, she tweezed the remaining little ingrowth(s) away.  Her explanation was good, and she was knowledgeable.  I never knew Sugared has existed for 3-4 years in Singapore already!

Then she prepared a Mud Mask (SGD$18.00 per session) for me and spread that over my now raw-and-sensitive nether region. The mud mask was supposed to disinfect and soothe, and one may purchase a tub of it for facial use as well.

Yes, skin was definitely soothed, and smoother. I did enjoy my session here overall, and have since booked my next Sugar-ing session with them.

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