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Sunday, 21 August 2016

[Media Invite] Dinner at Legend Seafood Restaurant (鸿宇海鲜馆) @ Bishan

Block 151 Bishan Street 11, #01-195, Singapore 570151
Tel: 9183 1580

Located in a bustling residential area a couple of streets away from Zion Bible Presbyterian Church and Bishan Home, is where Legend Seafood Restaurant stands. It is a coffee-shop styled Chinese zichar restaurant, boosting a varied menu consisting of innovative seafood items, meat items and vegetables etc.

Service crew are donned in the same uniform and provide good service to all, despite dinner's peaked patronage. I was honoured to be invited for a tasting session here with representatives from Hungrygowhere, as well as a couple of familiar food reviewers / bloggers.

The starter of the evening was Double Flavour Fish (SGD$60.00), giving us the best of both worlds, in the form of a Grouper prepared 2 ways. Loved the battered deep-fried side that's infused with Thai-style sweet chili sauce, but enjoyed the cereal -covered side even more. This one crackles with light hints of sweetness.

Next, Cheesy Crayfish Bee Hoon (SGD$18.00), comprising generous amounts of bouncy, juicy crayfish and a saccharine, creamy broth.  Hearty, and we were informed that it might even taste like the famous dish in your favorite Malacca restaurant - well, I'll let you decide on that.

Then it was Salted Egg Crab Mee Sua (SGD$32.00), served with fried buns. Enjoyed the springy sweetness of the crabs and smooth strands of meesua (vermicelli) but thought the salted egg's taste could have been a little more distinctive.

The Fried Clams with Soup (SGD$12.00) was one of our favorites of the night. Tasty, fleshy clams in a pool of flavourful clear broth - distinctiveness of Chinese wine within, as well as vegetables to give it a nice balance.

Following that, Crispy Homemade Tofu with Pork Floss  (SGD$12.00) - crispy rectangles of deep-fried beancurd stuffed with pork floss, this was a tasty, innovative local delicacy.

Barbecued Prawns (SGD$16.00) - smokey deliciousness of grilled prawns coated with a familiar savoury-sweet sauce. They were so crispy, you could eat these springy prawns with the shell.

Then there were Salted Egg Pork Ribs (SGD$12.00) - succulent ribs, well-doused with salted egg sauce to give it a richer flavour. I loved how tiny chilli and curry leaves were used to give the dish a subtle pierce.

Next, Deep-fried Egg with Oysters (SGD$10.00) served with sambal sauce. From the golden-brown edges to its entirety, the egg was crispy and simply irresistable. The plump, sumptuous oysters bursted in the palate like a dream, easily making this dish a personal favorite of many of us that evening.

The Butter-Corn Crayfish (SGD$28.00) was relished eagerly as well - sweet and creamy penetration to the bouncy flesh of the crayfish.  Loved how the juicy corn added crunch as well.

Last but not least, Salted Egg Battered Mushrooms, a good appetiser for whetting the appetite - earthly flavour blending well with the salted egg's own. Add on to that a crackling exterior, I don't see how one could stop munching on these.

Overall, we enjoyed dinner here very much - this is a place perfect for hearty local delicacies with friends or family, and the owner Jimson and team are constantly looking to get innovative about their dishes, in keeping up with ever-changing times / food trends.  Thank you Legend Seafood for hosting us, and thank you Hungrygowhere for the invite.

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