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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Dinner at Aura Restaurant @ National Gallery

1 Saint Andrew's Road #05-03 National Gallery, Singapore 178957
Tel: 6866 1977
Website:  http://www.aura.sg

Set in a sophisticated and posh combination of polished brass and bronze, this 90-seater restaurant named Aura is illuminated by dim lights to create an intimate ambience.  Pretty, flowery cushions give a vivacious touch to the quiet elegance of the restaurant, and service crew is personable as well as knowledgeable.

Aura Restaurant serves Italian dishes inspired by homely recipes and generous flavours, offering a top-notch contemporary dining experience.  Ingredients are said to be the freshest from both land and sea. Just so you know, on the 6th level is a rooftop lounge also operated by the restaurant, perfect for drinks with a view.

Everything began with a single glass of Prosecco (SGD$15.00) while we browsed the menu, asked for recommendations and decided on our orders.

Bread basket (and we loved this interesting, metallic bread basket) was served; the roll had the texture of panini, and went well with olive oil dip served on the side.

We started with a Tuna Tartare (SGD$25.00) with avocado and zucchini to share, loving the soft, succulent cubes of raw tuna studded with avocado cubes and topped with thinly-sliced zucchini pieces.

*Micaela went for the Burrata Cheese Ravioli with Amatriciana (SGD$29.00), a light stuffed-cheese pasta dish. Amatriciana sauce is a traditional Italian sauce consisting gianciale, pecorino cheese and tomato, giving the pasta a lovely flavour with a slight touch of zest. The handmade pasta texture was soft, and exploded deliciously with cheese.

*Charmaine and I went for their signature but off-menu Sea Urchin Pasta (SGD$50.00), another concoction of handmade tonnarelli pasta prepared al-dente so that it had a nice bite to it.  The fresh sea urchin was tender, with sashimi texture and had a faint raw tuna-like taste to it, only much creamier. The yellow buttery sauce that might have attempted to complement the sea urchin (they used to use squid ink sauce- wouldn't it obliterate?) was a little rich for our liking, but we liked the pasta generally as a whole.

After our mains, came desserts and drinks. We had a pot of Mint Tea (SGD$6.00) served in dainty little teacups and we loved its aromatic flavour - lovely and distinctive without being overwhelming / too minty.

Tiramisu (SGD$15.00) was fluffy, moist and decadent, sprinkled with tiny chocolate pops to give the dessert some crunch. Portion was huge and we adored the unconventional round shape of this delicious dessert.

Overall, we enjoyed our dining experience at Aura Restaurant and would like to return for more, in the near future. We might even sneak in a drink or two at their skybar.

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