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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Afternoon Tea at Passion Cafe @ Trinity at Paya Lebar

247 Paya Lebar Road #02-01, Trinity Church, Singapore 409045
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There is a passionate cafe nestled within a church building in Tai Seng area - Paya Lebar, and whenever I passed by, I always wondered about it. Opportunity presented itself today and I had a meeting here.

The signboards at both front entrance and alfresco areas are boldly done in a bright fuchsia tone, as though announcing to passerbys and church-goers to come in for food.

The interior is spacious and simple, classic coffeehouse decor with vases of flowers adorning each tabletop. Menus consist of finger food such as pastries, curry puffs etc to mains like rice, noodles or Western sets, as well as desserts of fruits and cakes.

I had myself a Cappuccino (SGD$4 00) - machine made, foamy enough with bittersweet coffee taste and no cocoa powder. I was not expecting much - the service of the counter ladies was good.

The pastries are miniatures - assorted box of 3 costs SGD$3.00, assorted box of 2 costs SGD$2.00, cups of 2 Passionfruit Parfait cost SGD$3.00, etc. Even a decent-sized slice of Pandan Cake was merely SGD$1.50! Too bad stomach volumes do not adjust according to prices of food.

The Raspberry Mousse Cake was soft, moistened and slightly tarty - good enough in their smallness and better paired with a stronger beverage such as my bittersweet coffee.

The Chocolate Mousse Cake was smooth, soft and creamy, a tad too creamy for my liking though, blocking out the rich flavour of cocoa. But I absolutely loved the tiny chocolate pops at the top and huge cherry at the bottom of this dessert. It could have been a Blackforest concoction.

Finally, Passionfruit Parfait, 2 tiny glass jars of distinctive, zesty desserts bursting with aroma and taste of passionfruit - the best of the lot, and probably the 'signature dessert'  bearing the name of the cafe.

Overall, quaint, quiet environment perfect for hanging out at or work. I would like to come back to try their mains soon.

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