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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Afternoon Tea at Big Street Restaurant @ Jalan Besar

104 - 106 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208828
Tel:  6100 2661 / 6100 8853 / 9229 2796

Eyes were riveted to the prominent Big Street  Restaurant sign from afar, so I had to cross over to the 3-storied unit along Jalan Besar shophouses for my afternoon tea, curious about what was in-store at this restaurant spanning across 2 units.

The first level has a few tables and a minimalist decor, with piped lights arranged artistically, and a prominent Udders ice-cream cart at the front. They choose to use Udders for ice-cream because it jibes best with Big Street's "very local" offerings.

Level 2 has a lovely retro European chic to it, mainly created due to the box windows which I so love. Thatched ceilings and a tiny loof area sit atop (I didn't get to visit the topmost loof) this rather elegantly-furnished restaurant, allowing sunlight to brighten up the interior.

Service at Big Street is personable, jovial and steadfast, the crew strive to maintain professionalism and warm hospitality even despite peak hours.  Erin was especially knowledgeable about the menu, and gave the term "hospitality" a brand new level. While I was informed that lunchtime and nighttime are more vibrant here, I appreciated the quaint quietness of the afternoon amongst the spacious settings.

Well-known for their Chilli Crab Prata Wrap (SGD$12.90) and Salted Egg Prata (SGD$6.00), Big Street is also home to a multi-cuisined dining haven. On their extensive menu are creative Prata Dishes (Indian cuisine) as well as Mushroom Soup (Western cuisine) with prata roll, Crab Fried Rice and Chicken Rice (Chinese cuisine) etc. A variety of coffees, teas, juiced, mocktails and alcoholic beverages are available as well, making this place perfect for groups of diners with different preferences to gather, and enjoy the best of all worlds.

A cool, tall glass of Iced Mint Green Tea (SGD$5.00) chased away the sweltering heat, as I sat by the window people watching, waiting for my next appointment. Loved the refreshing concoction sliding silkily down my parched throat.

The Salted Egg Prata (SGD$6.00) was served prettily with a wedge of fresh pineapple and whole maraschino cherry. I thought the big, round prata resembled a huge Tau Sar Piah (Chinese bean paste pastry), but a slit of the knife told me otherwise.

Prata was firm but yielded easily with knife and teeth. Thick, luscious salted egg yolk lava cascaded out like melted gold - sweet, with the standard 'grainy' texture amongst creaminess, and utterly delicious. Strangely I managed to polish off the entire dessert without feeling sick or "gelat" (overwhelmed by rich creaminess). That was a marvellous creation for certain.

Naturally, I lost track of time, relishing in my delightful drink and prata. I would certainly love to be back to try their Chilli Crab Prata and other local delicacy.

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