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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Review on Lower Body Slimming Treatment @ Dorra [Sponsored]

21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4, #02-21 D/E,  Lot One Shopping Mall, Singapore 689812
Tel: 6336 1881

Dorra Slimming specialises in lower body slimming and uses technologies and technique from France (so proclaimed). Dorra Slimming has been in Singapore since 2011 with their exclusive fat-burning formulations and body-shaping technologies, banishing even the most stubborn of fats within the tummy, hips and thighs regions.

They currently have 7 outlets in Singapore, and serve an exclusively female clientele, helping them to achieve their dream figure between their detailed body fats composition analysis and customisation of treatment programs that do not make use of pills, surgery / injection and crash diets.

I was invited for a session of their Lower Body Slimming Treatment (worth SGD$350) and I selected the Lot One outlet. The outlet was rather big surprisingly, housing many treatment rooms within, and done in sleek purple-and-white tones. I spotted many pretty therapists, decked in a pretty black robe uniform and white coats, all with warm smiles as they greet and serve customers.

My consultant of the day was a lady named Jacqueline, who was knowledgeable, very personable and thoughtful. Upon hearing that I had not taken breakfast, and it was 11.00am (I had wanted to try to weigh lighter by not eating), she prepared a simple cheese sandwich for me after taking my measurements, surprising me.

Anyway, I had to fill out a Health Declaration form, which was standard procedure, and then proceeded to have my height and weight measured. They had this special machine which I had to stand on, and held 2 "shift sticks" between my hands, where my BMI was being measured in details.

Then we returned to the consultation room, where an in-depth analysis was conducted, with the findings of my BMI report (from the machine earlier on), understanding of my concerns and lifestyle, as well as taking photos of my affected areas.  It was a very comprehensive chart listing the salt content, water content and fats content in my body.

What was also different here was that intensive upselling was attempted before the treatment session (other salons do it after the treatments), cleverly worked into the analysis she was doing for me. I had a very good understanding of their techniques and understood how body fats work throughout her educational pitch, so I allowed her to continue talking while I got enriched.

Then we proceeded to the treatment room, and Jacqueline took measurements of my upper and lower thigh areas for me, explaining to me that they had expanded exponentially and one side was very much bigger than the other. Very worrying.

This was also where the 3-step Lower Body Slimming Treatment would commence, and usually takes between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. The entire process would comprise a Booster, machine Hammurai or something and finally, Oxy Gel, all which help to break the fats down effectively and more lasting results.

She showed the vial of clear Booster to me, it was supposed to help with accelerating with fats breakdown process or something, and she applied it to my thighs while I lay facedown.

Thereafter, she informed me that the machine process would start, and worked her way through my thighs with a combination of the machine's vibrating attack as well as her hard work in working it around my thighs manually. She warn that some may experience pain due to the force, but I rather enjoyed the feeling.

Finally, Oxy Gel was applied to the warm, tingling thighs, and I was left covered in blankets for it to absorb and take effect, for around 5 - 10 minutes.   All this while, she was skillfully performing treatment for me as well as chatting amicably, working in the topic of signing package as and when.

Then Jacqueline took photos to show me the differences (she had already done this in between treatment, to show me the difference between the treated right thigh and the not-yet treated left thigh, earlier on) and tried to get me to commit to buying a treatment package again.   When I rejected, she asked me to sign a form and passed me a name card with a nice smile.

Overall, the service here was warm and friendly, unlike some beauty salons where the plastic facades could be rather evident.  I also felt that my thighs were firmer even though it was only one session completed - thank you Dorra Slimming, for the opportunity to experience this treatment!

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