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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Poem: Petals and Ashes

Petals and ashes, petals and dust, 
His lips like red rust, 
Say my name, graze my own, 
Draw me to where there's no dawn. 

Tame my heart, ignore the same 
Coincidences we share, it's a shame; 
I thought I saw light, 
In his onyx eyes so bright. 

In those eyes I see another world, 
A world where I'd never grow old; 
The skies and oceans merge, 
Right at the rainbow's edge. 

And then the lips part gently, 
Pearl teeth sink into me harshly; 
I see my life play out in his eyes, 
Petals and fire, petals and ice. 

Copyright © 2016 thearcticstar

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