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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Poem: Of Heavy Rain and Mirrors

You've never told me, 
The effect of heavy rain and mirrors, 
How they'd make me feel, 
How they make my head reel, 
And make me yield. 

In the rain I see the impossible, 
The greater it becomes impassable; 
In the rain I feel the unthinkable, 
As each drop cascades from me, 
From russet hair to painted toes. 

And the mirrors entrap the ambience, 
In the room just like your voice, 
Mounted silently to mesmerize, 
Those who stare hard into its core, 
Seeing the truth slowly rise. 

Oh you've never showed me, 
The beauty of heavy rain and mirrors; 
I cannot tear my eyes away, 
As heaven's tears lead my soul astray, 
Into sensations that I fall prey. 

Copyright © 2016 thearcticstar

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