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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Poem: Of Chess and Complexity

Game of chess, complex like you, 
A dance choreographed to toeing the lines, 
Between the darkness and purity; 
Black or white, like pawns that live or die- 
Under your cruel hands in this dance, 
Led by you alone. 

I try to think like you, 
To understand what your next move is; 
On this battling ground you play in; 
I try to feel like you, 
To advance, invade and retreat, 
Waltzing through mind, body, soul, heart. 

I write your name on the dark skies, 
So that when it rains, 
You'd fall like pieces back onto the grounds, 
Shades of gray amidst the black and white; 
Falling right through my shattered heart, 
To reveal your true, core colours.

Copyright © 2016 thearcticstar

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