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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Lunch at Delicacy by Food and Wine Merchants @ Gemmill Lane

Photosource: http://www.fnwmerchants.com

10 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069251
Tel: 9830 0908

Looking for a lunch place during lunch hour, somewhere exciting yet allows for conducive for business discussion, we stumbled upon Delicacy by Food and Wine Merchants, at Gemmill Lane. One of the many restaurants amongst the vibrant shophouse area, Delicacy brings a slice of Europe right to the fringe of CBD area.

With warm greetings and a cosy interior, this little bistro cafe is also ideal as a drinking spot during nighttime. Cuisine centers largely around Mediterranean and European fare, and there are some weekday lunch specials for the working crowd around here (SGD$12.00 for any 3 items from the salad, sandwich, soup or drinks categories).

Soup of the day was Pumpkin Soup (SGD$8.00) served with croutons to give the creamy concoction a crunchy touch. The soup was surprisingly tasty, sweet but not cloying, with the right amount of saltiness to tweak.

The Smoked Salmon Salad (SGD$13.00), with Honey Mustard and Shallots was a delicate portion with prettily rolled-up salmon slices, sitting on a bed of cucumber, cherry tomatoes and greens. Flavourful citrusy dressing gave the crisp greens a touch of zest.

The Spiced Pan-seared Tuna Fillet Salad (SGD$12.00) consisted of five square-cut slices of tender seared-tuna, and a bed of greens, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. I detected a heavy note of something piquant, like the lemongrass stalk I tried sometime ago... didn't like the particular veggie but the rest was fine; however tuna slices were not spicy nor aromatic with spice at all. Nonetheless, as s typical seared tuna, it was great.

Roast Chicken Breast Sandwich (SGD$8.00) on Baguette - yes for your sandwiches you can choose between croissant, baguette or sourdough as well as your choice of fillings (price would vary depending on what you choose) was a slight portion as well. The chicken was creamy and succulent, gently-flavoured.

Orange Juice (SGD$6.00) was served in a pretty tulip glass- fresh indeed, but serving was really small. I could probably down that in three gulps.

Matcha Latte (SGD$6.00) came with some sort of latte art, and was devoid was sugar - it was creamy but not sweet, so the aroma of green tea powder broke through marvelously.

Overall, this was a lovely dining place and ideal for those who seek smaller portions. Service was professional and polite right till we left, so I guess for that alone, I would definitely like to return for more meals.

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