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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Eyebrow Embroidery with Sharon @ Sengkang

Hidden in the depths of Sengkang is an eyebrow artist, Sharon Hu, whom I came to know of. She is a home-based eyebrow artist operating from a comfortable, cosy apartment, sometimes enlisting the help of her teenaged daughter when days get busy. With 17 years of experience in the field, it is undoubted that Sharon knows exactly what brow-shapes suit our facial features.

I was having lunch with a good friend *Mel, the other day, and noted her beautiful brows. She recommended Sharon to me, and mentioned that two other friends (one of whom is also a good friend of mine) also used this eyebrow therapist. That piqued my interest. Note that these ladies are all holding good careers and can well afford expensive eyebrow parlours such as Erabelle or Browtisan, etc.

My original not-so-good brow shape (which also requires drawing since I don't bother with retouching)

So I went to browse Sharon's Instagram account (you can view on your Instagram by searching @sharonbrowartist) and was amazed at the beauties who'd used her services before.

Still skeptical, since I have never really trusted home-based beautiful services  before (I mean, if they are that good, surely they could afford a shopfront?), I contacted her. She was friendly and personable, and fitted me into her very-full schedule. And she sent me her scheduling chart - she is so popular that appointments should preferably be fixed 3 months in advance.

My usual brow shape - the outdated fine arches

Her prices are very reasonable, SGD$480 for eyebrow embroidery (inclusive of one complimentary touchup within a month and anti-inflammatory gel) and SGD$280 for eyeliner embroidery. She also does eyelash perming etc, feel free to ask her.

After applying numbing cream, my brows were taped (for absorption?)

Still uncertain, I decided to turn up for my appointment.  As I have done eyebrow embroidery with other salons before, Sharon would need to "wash off" my existing embroidery for me using laser.  The cleaning off brows would be additional charges of course, you'll need to check with Sharon how much she would charge you for it.

So all in all I have visited her place thrice, and each time, there would be many other customers waiting.

Brows bleeding and congealing after laser-ing off original brow shape

I decided to place my faith in her. So the first two sessions were mainly to laser off my existing embroidery, spaced a month apart. It started with numbing cream, followed by the laser itself. The latter was kind of painful (in jolts) and there would be some flesh burnt coupled with bleeding. The recovery process was about a week, and I had to constantly apply the anti-inflammatory cream to affected areas.

Anti-inflammatory gel for the brows

Finally, about 2 and a half months later, I had my brows embroidered. Sharon was very, very precise and meticulous in designing my brows for me, drawing and re-drawing to ensure that every line was symmetrical and perfect. Then when I finally lay down on the daybed for the procedure, I was surprised I dozed off.  No joke,  I was expecting the usual pricking pain, or at least the sneezing-inducing stings, but none came - it was so painless, I woke only when she roused me up to check out my new brow shape.

Sharon  designing my brows for me

She has designed for me the now-trending, thicker Korean brows as opposed to my usual finer arches. It took me a little getting used to, but I like it, and have received compliments from friends and colleagues on the new brows.

Sharon has also sent detailed instructions on how to take care of the brows after embroidery, showing that she cares about her customers.

Thank you Sharon! I am definitely pleased at her service and artwork, and am considering eyeliner tattoo with her. For an appointment with the talented Sharon now, contact her at 8200 6891. She speaks Mandarin mostly but understands English and her daughter can help translate too.

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