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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Lunch at (麺亭) Men-Tei Japanese Noodles Restaurant @ Raffles Place

Photosource: http://ieatishootipost.sg/best-ramen-in-singapore-contender-8-men-tei-this-ramen-is-shio-shiok/

 61 Robinson Road, Singapore 068893
Tel: 6438 3130 / 9865 7976

Men-Tei Rmaen Restaurant is a simple Japanese ramen house located at the restored row of Colonial shophouses near Lau Pa Sat, this simple-looking, no-fuss Japanese diner is a gem amid the CBD area.

Co-founded by a team of Japanese partners, Senior Mr. Lim and his son Chef Jason Lim, this restaurant offers one of the best ramen in Singapore - all thanks to Chef Jason's love for ramen, his hunt around Japan, his studies at the Yamato Noodle School as well as unique scientific methods of cooking.

The interior decor was simple and rather Zen, reminiscent of ramen restaurants lining Japan streets, and the service is attentive and polite even during peak hours.

Menu was simple and comprise of a variety of ramen cooked with different broths, as well as some rice dishes. Price was reasonable, most items cost below SGD$20.00 - oh, and there are 2 levels of spiciness (topup required) for their ramen if one prefers.

*Kendra was the one who'd brought us there, raving about the goodness here for days on end. She had the Miso Ramen with Grilled Pork Cubes (SGD$14.50), and loved her succulent pork with piquant spicy miso soup base. I returned another day to try this - discovered a tinge of sweetness in the soup.

*A had the Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (SGD$14.50) , which he enjoyed tremendously as well.

I went for the Signature Tonkotsu Ramen (SGD$14.50), made up of lovely flavored egg, utterly tender grilled pork slices, al dente fine noodles so enticing to chew on, and saccharine, slurp-it-up good pork-spices broth. I upped the level of spiciness for extra kick.

We also had a couple of sides, one of which was the Yakibuta (Grilled Pork) Cubes (SGD$5.00) - marinated and slow-cooked for 18 hours, these precious chunks of prime cut meat nailed it on both flavor and softness.

Even the Pork Gyoza (SGD$5.00) had a class of its own - crispy on the outside, especially around the edges; filled with moist and scrumptious pork and leek stuffing within.

I knew right there and then, that I have found a replacement to my much-missed Ramen Isshi, which was located in Raffles Place and has unfortunately closed - they have similar type of homemade noodles - and that I have found my new favorite lunchtime haunt.

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