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Monday, 18 April 2016

Dinner at Serenity Spanish Restaurant @ Vivocity [Revisit]

1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-98 / 99, Vivocity, Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 0105

Some places are very worth revisiting, such as Serenity Spanish Restaurant (review here), so we decided to head over for a meal together.  There were 2 outlets - Vivocity and Takashimaya, but the latter is closed, leaving the flagship remaining.

I shall not go into details about the concept - authentic Spanish fare in a serene, Mediterranean setting and polite staff. Lots of artifacts line the inside of the restaurant, and there is a huge alfresco area for those who prefer Sentosa's sea view.

We started with some side orders aka tapas, such as the Salteado de Coles de Bruselas con Jamon Serrano (SGD$18.80) - better known as Sauteed Brussels sprouts with Serrano ham. We loved the sweet crunch of these balls of vegetables, dipped into a savoury gravy and complemented further by the gently-saltish bits of ham.

Then we had the Pulpo A La Gallega (SGD$19.80), aka the Grilled Spanish Octopus - pieces of chewy, crunchy octopus atop boiled potatoes, garnished with garlic, paprika and extra virgin olive oil to give it a lovely spicy touch.

Chipirones Fritos con Aloli (SGD$18.00) - Fried Baby Squids with Aioli Sauce. Always one of my favorites - this crackling, battered fried baby squids tapas was addictive to pop into the mouth- biting through the exterior for the succulent, chewy flesh within, savoring in its gentle taste. The aioli (garlic and olive oil) sauce ave the light flaour a heavier taste.


Mains began with Paella Valenciana (SGD$53.00), serves 3-4 pax, and requires cooking time of about 30 - 45 minutes - is made up of saffron, chicken, chorizo, tiger prawns, squids, mussels and bomba rice. It was aromatic with saffon's distinctive spicy pierce, and rather tasty of crustacean goodness - I would've preferred it more crispy and dry in texture.

Next, the star of the night, which we had to order at least a day in advance with 50% paid deposit - the Chonchinillo Asado (SGD$338.00) aka Suckling Pig - we ordered the whole pig and it could be shared between 6-8 persons. The crispy suckling pig came with roast potatoes on the side, as well as 3 types of sauces.

Having been marinated with sherry wine, white wine, herbs and vinegar and slowly roasted for 6 hours, the suckling pig was tender on the inside and fragrant with infusion of wine and herbs into its flesh. The skin was so crackling good that it was being sliced through using merely a plate (the plate would then be broken and discarded by the staff to signify tossing away of bad luck) - an interesting and old Spanish tradition.

Finally, homemade Spanish Churros (SGD$10.80) served with hot chocolate. Instead of being light and crispy, this one was doughy and somewhat too solid for our liking.

Some drinks and Cocktails were being enjoyed throughout the course of the meal, such as the Tinto De Verano (Lemon Sangria),  Sangria De Ponsetia (Flower Sangria) and my signature Guantanamera  etc.

If you are a fan of Spanish food, or are looking for an interesting place to chill, pop by Serenity and be serenaded by yummy food and lovely cocktails.

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