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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Review of Japan IPL Express @ Raffles Place

5 Raffles Place #B1-69 Raffles Place MRT, Singapore 048618

Tel: 6636 0550

I had the opportunity to try IPL facial at Japan IPL Express today. Prior to that, I have been seeing reviews about them popping up on several search engines results and social media platforms. and was curious about this express IPL place where they charge clients by "per-shot" basis. No packages or appointments were required, and the entire process was quick - best of all, they offer many different types of IPL services including facial, underarms,  Brazilian and other bodily hair removal.

When we approached the counter, Cathy greeted us warmly and began to explain how it worked. Then we had to fill in a Declaration Form as standard procedure, to bring to their attention any ailments or skin allergies etc. Cathy then gave us a very adorable gift - a pill-shaped ballpoint pen with Japan IPL Express' logo and colors on it!

We were ushered into the treatment room where we would set our belongings down and change clothes if need be. The room was done in a very neat, organised, clean and clinical manner - none of those plush blankets, dim lights or fanciful lamps used by the usual beauty salons out there. Okay, maybe this place adopted a more "medical" approach as compared to "beauty".

Cathy then wrapped our hair up and explained how they sterilized the machine - which she did as she was explaining. Blue goggles were then strapped over our eyes to protect, and she proceeded to cleanse and tone our face for us. They do not use gel here, so that the IPL shots could penetrate our skin surface and beyond - directly.

She also mentioned that downtime was minimal - very little to no redness at all, and the recommendation sessions  should be 2 weeks apart. Results should be obvious from around 6th session onwards, depending on individual's skin type and condition.

I was surprised to learn that they are trained in every aspect here - from being consultant to therapist to receptionist to cashier. It makes sense as well - if the staff members are well-rounded and well-equipped with all skills, they could mann the shop without the need for 4-5 staff, each playing a different role.

The IPL shots began, and with each flash of the light we knew that one shot was being administered. It was not painful at all - just a little slight pierce of heat against the face.  Cathy was gentle, professional and very friendly, and the entire process only took 10 minutes. After she did one side of my face, she paused to pass me a mirror so I could see the slight difference between two sides of the face. Then IPL session resumed -  I could feel her going over certain areas twice or even thrice if need be, but overall I only needed 70 shots.

Then toner, moisturizer and sunblock (their in-house brand) were applied softly onto our faces, and we were good to go.  She reminded us not to use whitening products or facial scrubs for the next 2-3 days.

Payment was prompt and while they explained the "package" concept to you, they did not hard sell. Best of all, their faces did not turn black and smiles did not waver even though we refused to take on the package. This was impeccable and immensely refreshing, making us determined that we would be back.

As promised there was no downtime or redness, no itchiness or the inflamed, heated look on the skin. I simply slung on my sunglasses and was all set to head for my hightea meeting.

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