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Monday, 7 March 2016

Lunch at Muchachos Mexican Restaurant @ Keong Saik Road

22 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089129
Tel: 6220 0458

It was *Sidney's and my fifth failed attempt to dine at Afterglow - closure for a few days with a paper posted to the door, but no updates on their social media pages. Hence, we settled for their neighbour, a funky Mexican / Latin-American resturant named Muchacos, with its colorful exterior and graffiti-artistic interior.

One has to place their orders at the counter, and collect their orders when ready. There is a glass viewing panel where we could see the chefs preparing the food in the kitchen.

We proceeded to the upper level to sit and sip on our Jarritos flavoured sodas (SGD$4.50).  The 2nd level was very funky in its street decor, easily making one feel like they were in Mexico itself. Service was all right; I just didn't like how they yelled your orders from below when it was ready, and then we'd run down to collect our food.  They could probably inform us to wait or check back on orders shortly, or invest in one of those vibrating devices to inform when our food was ready. Or is it something practiced in a typical, traditional Mexican restaurant?

Anyway, *Sidney chose to go for the Carne Asada Salad (SGD$13.50, add SGD$2.00 for extra guacamole). It comprised of grilled beef, tomatoes, cabbage etc, and was gigantic in portion. The beef was succulent and was well-complemented by the crisp, fresh goodness of the vegetables.

I had the Super Nachos (SGD$13.50) - a bed of tortilla chips with ground beef, melted cheese, beans and guacamole. Unfortunately the tortilla chips were not crispy- even those untouched by the ground beef and sauce. The sauce and ground beef were average, nothing that would leave a deep impression.

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