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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Dinner at Brauhaus Restaurant and Bar @ United Square

101 Thomson Road #B113 / 14 United Square, Singapore 307591
Tel: 6250 3116 

Having been there a couple of times at least, over the last few years, I was glad to be back to this 25++ year old, homely but lovely restaurant and bar offering exotic food, good live band and a wide array of beers from all over the globe. I came back with buddy *Edwin who was also the one to recommend Brauhaus to me in the first place.

The décor indoors is more exquisite, totally replicate of an European bar concept – but this evening we chose the great outdoors for the fountain in the background and cool breezes. Service here was friendly, homely and polite. I always enjoy the easy-going ambiance that mellowed all the stress of a hectic workday away. The owner Michael and his team of long-term staff would sometimes come over to chitchat as though we were all longtime friends, so coming here also means feeling right at home. The extensive beer list never fails to make me spoiled for choice, but I always seem to order from the Belgium Floris fruit beer series it seems.

Tonight, I decided to go for Floris’ Chocolate Beer (SGD$13.00) instead, and did not regret my choice one bit. The beer was light and smooth, redolent of chocolate’s aroma so it was like a dessert drink on its own.

*Edwin chose to go for his usual Lapin Kulta (SGD$13.00) which he describes as sweet and soothing, and just about the only beer he must order every time he is here.

Foodwise, the menu was as exotic as it could get, once we flipped past the usual standard German / European-Asian fusion cuisine such as Pork Knuckle, Pork Knuckle Bee Hoon, sausages, escargots etc. At the back of the menu were items such as Rabbit stew, Crocodile schnitzel, Kangaroo fillet, Pigeon, Pork’s tongue etc. I have a feeling that adventurous diners would go wild over this selection.

For starters, we had Anchovies (SGD$5.00) – a very Asian delight and favorite pairing over beers. We asked for non-spicy version (I believe spicy would have been even nicer since I love it as tangy as it could get) – the little deep-fried ikan bilis (tiny salt-water forage fish) were so crispy and enjoyable to crunch our teeth on.  Drizzled with some lime and infused with onions, the combination of flavours was robust.

Then the Escargots (SGD$10.00) were next. Unlike the usual baked escargots served in palettes and coated with cheese, these were simply steamed with spices and therefore we could taste the raw sweetness of the buoyant flesh. It was so fun to eat these, I was tempted to order another half a dozen of them.

For entrees, *Edwin had the Semi Sausage Platter (SGD$16.00) comprising of several types of sausages and bratwurst with radish on the side. I only tried one of the sausages and it had a nice springy texture with tender meat. The radish had the faintest tinge of zest that added to the tastiness of it all.

My main of Roast Quail (SGD$19.00) took a while to come, but the wait was worthwhile. The tiny bird was roasted to a lovely golden brown, with the most succulent flesh and was pooled in a scrumptious dark sauce. I loved how it had the refreshing radish as well, adding flavour and a touch of balance to my meaty dish. The baked potatoes, having soaked up the gravy and were utterly soft – were very easy on the palate as well.

Overall, this was another happy night out, made possible of the good food, excellent service and amazing breezes ambient to this restaurant pub.

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