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Monday, 22 February 2016

Valentine's Dinner at The Carvery @ Park Hotel Alexandra (2016)

323 Alexandra Road, #07-00 Park Hotel Alexandra, Singapore 159972
Tel: 6828 8880

Time for Valentine's Day celebration, and The Beau and I decided to go simple this year, due to the overload of Chinese New Year feasting as well as our upcoming wedding in a couple of months' time. It was my turn to plan this year, so I was debating between a few choices. The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra came to mind because of 4 reasons: (i) it is relatively new (ii) recommendation from fellow blogger friend *H (iii) poolview (iv) value for money set meal for Valentine's Day.

For SGD$188.00++ per couple, the Valentine's dinner included 2 glasses of Veuve Cliquot Champagne, 2 Cocktails, an Appetiser of salad from the bar, a Soup, a Seafood Platter,  an Intermezzo and food items from the buffet bar.  Pretty good deal, I would say, given that the normal buffet dinner here cost SGD$52.00.

Sadly, the poolview was  not all that visible because there's  no alfresco poolside dining, and the reflection of the glass at night erased the pool view outside. Nonetheless, we appreciated the service crew's efforts at putting us as close to the pool as possible, under the circumstances.... if I stare out hard enough and squint, I could still glimpse the crystal blue of the 24-hour pool as well as swimmers roaming about.

The poolside bar, Aqua Luna, is also visible from our sight - a lone, quaint bar surrounded by expanse of waters, how lovely; the description of "by the emerald shimmers of the pool" was way apt.

A walk around the restaurant reaped in all the visionary rewards of all food available for the taking - salad bar, array of seafood, the carving board consisting of Salmon Wellington, US Black Ribeye Angus, Duck a l'Orange, and Pork OP Ribs with apple sauce, and of course the desserts section.

Sadly, except for the desserts section comprising some heart-shaped pastries and marshmallows, and the table settings, the restaurant itself was devoid of any Valentine's decoration -  no floating hearts or papier-mache Cupids etc, like the other restaurants we went previously for our annual V-day meals.  Service was efficient and professional overall though.

We started with Bread and olive oil dip - the bread were hard but we enjoyed the one with the cheese inside.

Then they served us the Soup - an interesting duo of Oven Roasted Tomato Soup with Leek and Potato Soup, served with a single Manchego Cheese Fritter in the midst. The tomato soup was delicious with a zesty touch and the leek-potato soup was creamy and smooth; the cheese fritter was a tasty touch.

Next, it was the Seafood Platter - freshly-shuckled seasonal Oysters, Red Claw Crab, Tiger Prawns, and Salmon Sashimi, served with shallot oil dressing, Maldon sea salt dressing, Horseradish and Chilli Cream on the side.  The seafood was fresh and delightful; especially the springy salmon sashimi and tiger prawns.

An Intermezzo of Yuzu Sorbet in Champagne was served next, to cleanse our platter. I loved the citrusy lusciousness and refreshing flavour of this palate cleanser-  if there was a cocktail version of this I would've been glad to order it.

Then we roamed the restaurant to garner our own main courses from the buffet counters. I started with more Seasonal Oysters, some very scrumptious Cod Fish in Fruit Honey Broth, a small scoop of deliciously unique Duck Confit Rice, a small piece of Beef and Seafood Velouté.

My next and final platter was made up of Desserts -  some Chocolate Eclair, Chocolate Cupcake, Tarts, Apple Crumble, Marshmallows and Oreo Cheesecake slice.  The desserts were saccharine and tasty.

Other items such as Salmon Wellington, Angus Beef and Duck a l'Orange were impressive items as well - tender, sumptuous.

The buffet selection was not wide and varied - truth be knownst - but the unique recipes and quality of food was something to reckon with. We enjoyed the food tremendously.

Cocktails was the final touch for this celebratory meal - a Lime and Cucumber concoction for him and a pretty pink Guava cocktail for me.  We were allowed to bring our cocktails out to the beautiful poolside to enjoy, so we indulged by the scenic views and breezes while we sipped the night away.

Overall this was a simple but lovely celebration of love and romance. Happy St. Valentine's Day to all of you sweethearts and friends out there (yes, who says friends cannot celebrate the love of friendship together?!)!

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