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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Lunch at Skinny Salads @ 100AM

100 Tras Street #01-03 / 04 100AM, Singapore 079027
Tel: 6444 2136

Under the Spa Esprit Group and right besides its sister restaurant, Skinny Pizza, Skinny Salads specialises in fresh, creative salads with ingredients from different parts of the globe. One could choose from salad bowls or wraps here at the counter, or order one of the readily-created salads. Service was little to boost of, but then they don't impose service charges here, so there.

I ordered the drinks because they sounded interesting, and fresh, so when the cashier gestured for me to take one of the bottles from the iced shelf myself, I was a little surprised.  *Katherine had a Watermelon Rush (SGD$5.00) and I had a Minty Watermelon (SGD$5.00). I rather enjoyed my drink because there was a slight kick to my usual sweet melon juice.

For food, we could help ourselves to the crispy Breadsticks at the counter, to go along with our salads. Either that, or one could munch on them as a starter while waiting for their salads to be served, I reckon. These things were delicious to nibble on.

*Katherine had a Roasted Chicken and Spinach Salad (SGD$12.50) which she enjoyed.

I  had the Kale and Quinoa Salad (SGD$11.50) with lots of grains, corn and crunchy kale. With the dressing, this salad was very flavourful, and well-portioned so it was filling. The ingredients were fresh as well, making for a healthy and enjoyable meal overall.

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