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Friday, 12 February 2016

Lunch at First 25 Cafe @ Tanjong Pagar

7 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore 089313
Tel: 6221 2565

Situated along a row of shophouses at Hoe Chiang Road, Tanjong Pagar (diagonally across from 100AM Mall) is First 25 Cafe, opened by two young founders at age 25.  Despite their young age, they have travelled extensively around the world during Christmases and have tasted the cooking of their couch-surfing hosts.

As such, they decided to bring back the rustic taste of local flavours to Singapore, into a cafe of their own - serving primarily Italian fare in cosy, beautiful settings. When we first entered the quaint little cafe, we were awestruck by the pretty whiteness and decor consisting of floral touches around.

I took a sneak peek at the desserts counter first, as per usual practice. They have an interesting array of desserts but too bad (and sad) that the Yuzu Molleux Chocolate Cake (SGD$7.90) I wanted to try was unavailable on that day.

We started with a Gnocchi with Pesto Sauce (SGD$11.90), complete with an onsen egg and bacon. The gnocchi were small, soft and doughy potato balls - gentle texture and really fun to chew on. Pesto sauce added flavour to the pasta, as did the egg mixed into the dish.

Then we had the Grilled Striploin (SGD$16.90), served sizzling on a hotplate along with vegetables and fried potato strips. We chose medium doneness, and the beef steak was tender, moistened and delicious, with subtle hints of smokiness adding to the taste.

Finally, an off-the-menu delicacy that we enjoyed tremendously - Truffle Curly Fries. This was a combination of heaven and all things good - substantial dose of truffle aroma curled into strands of crispy fries. It was an addictive side dish, and we felt like we could not get enough.

For drinks, we had a Mocha decorated with incredibly adorable latte art (bear head)  - rich velvety chocolate flavour amongst the coffee aroma; and Iced Strawberry Coffee, which was .... interesting but not memorable. There was not much strawberry flavour detected amongst the ice coffee's sweetness.

Overall, this was still a new, pretty cafe that serves up hearty, quality food at reasonable prices and good service. I would return to try more.

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