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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Lunch at Aloha Poké Salad Bar @ Amoy Street

92 Amoy Street, Singapore 069911
Tel: 6221 6165

Adding on to the healthy foodstyle and bustling food scene in Singapore, is Aloha Poké (pronounced "pok-kay"), Hawaiian staple and choice food of surfers.  This traditionally Hawaiian salad bar is the first of its kind in Singapore, ensuring that diners will be transported to Hawaii's Wakiki Beach with the well-seasoned fish and crisp vegetables, bringing a whiff of the refreshing breeze of Hawaii's beaches.

I visited with *Katherine and *Mira, and appreciate the latter for recommending this awesome, beautiful place designed with a rich Hawaiian style - simple, yet rich with Hawaiian flavour. Coconut husks are used as decor, so is a surfboard in the corner (not photographed). Service was very friendly and all smiles, despite the CBD-lunch crowd frenzy.

The array of fresh-looking, colorful ingredients looked indulgent, and the salad is prepared right in front of you. For drinks, there are choices of beers / ciders as well as fruit juices in various flavours.

So one selects their choice of ingredients using an Order Chit, pays at the counter and collects their salads at the bar counter, easy process. The Salad Bowls come in 3 sizes - Lil' Swell (SGD$11.90) consisting 1 scoop 75g of Poké, Standard Nalu (SGD$15.90) consisting 2 scoops 150g of Poké or Big Kahuna (SGD$19.90) consisting 3 scoops 225g of Poké.

Then we chose the base (white rice / brown rice / rice mix / salad or add SGD$1.00 for Kale), followed by Dressing or Not. Following that, we selected the choice of Protein, 2 complimentary Add-ons, and 1 complimentary Superfood.

For those who do not wish to choose, there are Standard Nalu Tuna and Standard Nalu Salmon bowls (SGD$15.90) available for ordering.

Everything looked so tempting, it took us sometime to decide.

*Katherine had brown rice, salmon, edamamme beans and chia seeds etc.  *Mira chose almonds, pomegranite and fish roe etc. I added Kale for my base, and had salmon, dried grapes, edamamme beans, pomegranite etc.

The salads were undeniably tasty and utterly flavourful in every bite. The ingredients were very fresh and appetising. It gave that kind of feeling, you know, after eating it you'd keep having craving for it again and again.  In fact, I might return tomorrow to have it again.

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