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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Dinner at Sopra Cucina Italian Restaurant @ Pan Pacific Orchard [Revisit]

10 Claymore Road #01-02 Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel, Singapore 229540Tel: 6737 3253

This is a revisit to Sopra Cucina Italian Restaurant, also *Charmaine's favorite.  For full review of my past visit, click here. Anyway, this restaurant offers a menu that serves up Sardinian Cuisine, and boosts of a beautiful decor which is an ode to the glamorous days of post-war Italy.  Service alternated between warm and cold - depending on who you were dealing with, and during peak or non-peak hours.

While waiting for *Charmaine to arrive, I polished off a couple of  Red Wine. Their Happy Hour ends at 19.00 hours - but during the Happy Hour, one could get a glass of house wine at a mere SGD$9.00 and Prosecco at SGD$10.00.

The complimentary Bread was very delicious - fresh, utterly crispy, and went absolutely well with the olive dip.  I usually abstain from consuming much bread before a meal, especially if I knew I was going to have a heavy main course - but these bread slices deterred the usual resistance.

Both of us coincidentally settled for the Seafood Fregola (SGD$28.00) - a conscous-like roast semolina pasta with seafood.  In my last review, I described the grainy pasta to bear similar texture to barley grains, and the feeling remained the same even as I was consuming the delicious pasta now. The gravy was rich in flavour, infusing the pasta sumptuously with its goodness; the seafood consisted of scallops, prawns and squids-  generous portions that served only to enhance flavour and texture of the interesting pasta.

Too bad we were too full to tackle desserts - I would've loved to try Tiramisu or something.  I will definitely return for sure, for that.

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