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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Dinner at The Boiler Louisiana Seafood & Beer @ Tai Seng

18 Howard Road #01-06 Novelty BizCentre, Singapore 369585
Tel: 6635 1285

The Boiler is up by Malcolm Hong, ex-banker turned restauranteur, this South American-inspired Cajun-styled seafood restaurant is concealed in Tai Seng's industrial area, near where cafes are constantly popping up nearby. The decor is rustic and minimalistic, with signal lights and simple furniture making up the interior; service is a little slow, especially during busy periods. And you would be surprised to learn that this restaurant is packed even on weekday evenings!

*Helen and I digested the rather limited menu of this restaurant specializing in fresh seafood items, trying to decide on what to order.  So how it goes for seafood is that you choose your choice of seafood, how many grams you'd like, and the sauce as well as sides (if any), and they would prepare it for you accordingly.

They "suited" us up with their special "apron" to protect our clothes against the attack of the sauces in a bit. This was better than those tiny bibs used in some other restaurants, and it looked cute.

I started with a Lychee Beerjito (SGD$10.90), an interesting concoction that uses beer in lieu of rum for this fruit-infused cocktail. I liked the refreshing flavour, as well as the luscious flavour of lychee amongst the minty taste.

We started with Spam Fries (SGD$7.90) - not too salty, crispy, and perfect for lovers of luncheon meat.  I think it was edged with egg yolk but I couldn't be sure.

Then Fish & Chips (SGD$12.90); it was named under the "Starters" section but the portion was huge enough to be the mains itself. The battered fish fillets were crispy and the flesh was snowy and flakey. Taste was good enough without dipping of tartar sauce served on the side.

Next, Prawns (SGD$16.25 for 200g) in Pepper Butter sauce. Prawns were fresh with firm, springy flesh and sweet in their natural taste, enhanced dramatically with the spicy pepper butter sauce. The sauce was so good, we drank it like broth .

Finally, Clams (SGD$11.25 for 250g) in hot "The Works" sauce. The clams were saccharine with freshness as well, tender in texture. The sauce was spicy  as promised, and more greasy compared to the other sauce. Nonetheless, it made the clams very exciting to indulge in.

Everyone here looked like they had fun in the restaurant, enjoying the seafood and didn't mind getting their hands dirty. After the meal, all the service crew needed to do was to roll up the entire disposable tablecloth and voila, the table was cleared!

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