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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Chilling Out at RedDot BrewHouse @ Dempsey Hill

25A Dempsey Road, #01-01 Singapore 249691
Tel: 6475 0500

Proclaimed to be Singapore's first commercial microbrewery, RedDot BrewHouse's history traced back to 1997 when the founder Ernest Ng was first introduced to beer brewing by 2 South African soldiers in Kruger National Park. He chose the pack with the red dot to brew, and thus began his first ever beer-brewing journey.

RedDot BrewHouse sits in a distinctive historical spot at Dempsey Hill, a dilapidated barracks restored to the beauty it is today. A second outlet opened at Boat Quay in 2010, also situated in a beautiful historical building. Atmosphere is chilled, relaxing and yet beautiful artistic pieces adorn the various corners of the restaurant / bar.  A live band plays in the evenings as well. As for service, it could get a little slow and servers are not too attentive.

The Beer served here is unfiltered and unprocessed (straight from the fermenter), and thus retains all the yeast nutrients, original flavour, and unique aroma.  You would see from the menu very specific description of each beer (colour, bitterness, alcohol content) as well as food pairings. That is a very thoughtful gesure, especially for patrons who are not familiar with beers.

There were four of us on this Saturday evening - the Bro, the SIL, a friend *W, and I - coming especially for the famous Monster Green Lager Beer - made up of green spirulina, which consists of lots of health benefits such as boosting of immunity system and regression / elimination of AIDs virus.  Unlike the usual beer, this one was very low on fizziness; it was very smooth to ingest, like liquid silk, and was sweet in flavour.  I found this absolutely tasty and beautiful.

Piqued by curiosity by the red beer served at other tables, we ordered a jug of RedDot SG50 Beer to try as well - dragonfruit steeped in lager, imparting a reddish hue to celebrate Singapore's birthday. This one was also very smooth in texture, but the flavour was pretty bland.

I finished the night with a Lychee Mojito (SGD$16.00) - a twist to the usual Lime Mojito, which is also available on the menu. This is one of the better Mojitos I have tried, in all the lounges and bars I have been to - surprisingly. Flavour was robust, saccharine, and the lychee added a lovely tinge.

Foodwise, we settled for light bites as no one was hungry, so we started with 2 servings of Nachos (SGD$4.00).  These felt and tasted like those you could get in packs off supermart's shelves, or at the movie theaters, and were served with tomato salsa. I ain't complaining since I love Nachos no matter handmade, or pre-packed.

The Crispy Baby Squids (SGD$12.00) were not your typical calamari - they were whole baby squids deep-fried to a golden brown with crackling texture, like the ones you get at Chinese seafood restaurants. Battering, if any - was ultra light. These were addictive so we ordered two servings of them.

Next, Flying Pig - Crisp Bacon Strips (SGD$8.00) - literally your breakfast bacon served in a basket, oven-baked to a beautiful golden hue, and was so crispy it melted on the tongue. They were unstoppable once we started munching on them.

The Spicy Zing Wings & Drumlets (SGD$13.00) were another good dish to pair with beers - crispy, spicy and moistened inside - especially when they were brought to the table piping hot.

Finally, Truffle Fries (SGD$12.00) - tossed with truffle oil, and sprinkled with a small dash of parmesan cheese. Fries were crispy, redolent of truffle oil's aroma; we loved the soft touch of parmesan in the mix.

Overall, the food items were all scrumptious, and quality "bar grubs", especially well paired with good beers. I also loved the fact that all the items came with individual, unique dips that were very well-suited to the dishes , i.e. the dip for the baby squids enhanced the taste dramatically, and was customised for it. Experience here at RedDot Brewhouse was superb, making this another soon-to-be favorite haunt.

And why not, since Green Lager Beer is beneficial as well? Lol.

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