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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Makeover and Makeup Lesson by Make Up Store @ Heeren

260 Orchard Road, Level 1, Robinsons@ The Heeren, Singapore 238855
Tel: 6737 7959

Courtesy of the G2000 Event a couple of weeks back, we have a makeover cum makeup lesson by Make Up Store at The Heeren.  *Charmaine and I headed over and were introduced to the affable and knowledgeable Destynee, who was also to be our mentor of the day.

*Charmaine and I both arrived with makeup on, since we came from other afternoon events. As such, the first step would be to remove the makeup. But first, Destynee pinned our hair up so that we could work with no obstruction. Also, we were donned in the Make Up Store cloth to protect our clothes.

Cleansing alone would take 4 simple steps, to ensure that the face was completely devoid of makeup traces or impurities before makeup application. As this was a makeover cum makeup lesson, Destynee taught us to use the makeup remover on the left side of the face, and we had to learn to do it on the right side.

We started with the Dual Makeup Remover.  It was a rather effective remover - we just left it on the eyelids and gently removed the eye makeup completely.

Step Two of cleansing was using this pretty, ombre Cleansing Oil, which we poured onto a cotton pad and swept across the face gently.

The final step the Sensitive Cleansing Milk, which we dabbed onto 5 points of the face and gently rubbed it in before removing with a cotton pad or washing off with water.  The latter is ideal, but we did not have water at the counter so we wiped the residue off with cotton pads.

Next, the Foam Toner was being used to give the face another round of deep cleansing and to remove all impurities before we could move on to apply skincare and makeup. We pumped a huge dollop of foam onto the cotton pad and go over the face softly; it felt amazing light. Destynee also taught me how to hold the square cotton pad correctly, since I'd been pinching it between my forefinger and thumb all the while.

I think they ran out of serum and essence at this store, which was why we went straight to The Creme after the cleansing regime. The cream was dabbed onto 5 spots on the face, to be massaged gently onto the face in upward sweeps.

For the foundation, we could choose between Tinted Day Creme Light and CC Foundation Light - the latter being heavier with stronger coverage. *Charmaine chose the former and I chose the latter. Destynee thoughtfully selected shades to match our skin tones, and squeezed the right amount onto the back of the hands, using a brush to dab and go over the face in circular strokes.  The CC foundation is a combination of moisturizer, base and foundation all in one, with SPF for protection against harmful sun rays.

Just to deviate, we also took a look at this extremely pretty Brush in enticing shades - one of the festive collection 2015.

Concealer came next - in a pretty, jeweled case which is also a specialty for the festive season. There are 3 shades to it - pink to conceal redness, but I could not remember what the other 2 hues were for.  I used the yellow one for the zit on my chin. Destynee taught that dabbing instead of rubbing over the imperfections helped conceal better.

The Two-Way Compact Powder came next, a light dusting over the phone to even the makeup and mattify it. We used the dry version, and it did not feel thick. A wet sponge could be used if one wished for the liquid foundation effect.

Next, we did the brows using their Eyebrow Palette, coming in handy hues of 3 in every case.  I chose a dark shade of brown to fill in my embroidered brows. The powder glided on rather smoothly - but as powder goes, extra care had to be executed to ensure that the brows did not become too thick. I use brow pencils usually.

I wanted to learn sharper contouring of the face, so out came the Duo Contouring palatte, which consisted of a deep brown shade for contouring purpose, and the white shade for highlighting. It was a useful palette, and Destynee showed me how to draw on the right areas on my face to create "shadows" and "angles". I must admit that I was amazed at the instanteous transformation - my face actually appeared more angular, longer and sharper indeed - more refined.  Another thin layer of the Two-Way Compact Powder was used over the highlighter and contouring.

Here's an overview of the Two-Way Compact Powder and Eye Shadow that would be used shortly. I had jokingly asked for pink eyeshadow, thinking that it was hard to pull off. But Destynee would show us how this colour could work very well on our eyes too.

Before makeup went onto the eyes area, we used an Eye Primer to prepare the sensitive area.  A little dabbing and smoothening over the eyes area was all it took.

Moving on, the Eyeliner was applied, followed by the pretty Pearl Pink Eye Shadow.  I was surprised that it opened up and brightened my eyes - I usually use darker eyeshadow hues for smokier effects. To give a edge, brown eye colour was then applied over the lower lids. The entire look was natural and refreshing.

Finally, Blusher was applied to the apple of my cheeks to give it a glow. This multi-coloured palatte was lovely so you could adjust the colour and depth you want, accordingly.

Lipstick was the last touch. The Lipstick was not too rich, but the colour was strong enough to fortify the look. Destynee taught me how to define the shape of the lips and keep the dark colours from "bleeding" by using the two-way compact powder.

We completed the entire lesson thoroughly, and spent longer than we had wanted to. But the way we saw it, there was no way to shorten the process, and every minute was enriching and enjoyable.  Destynee is experienced in her field and works with magazines as well as freelance assignments; she was approaching and amicable so it made asking her questions really easy. We were dolled up to hit the town and paint it red on a weekend night.

I really loved the Duo Contouring palate (SGD$39.00) a lot, and purchased it so I could practice the makeup / beauty tips at home to perfect it.

Thank you Make Up Store and Destynee for the wonderful makeup lesson and invaluable knowledge we gained this evening!

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