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Friday, 6 November 2015

Review: Aloe Vera Gel (various brands)

Besides ingesting of Aloe Vera Gel Drink for various health benefits - including but not limited to weight loss, detoxifying etc, I also love to use topical aloe vera for various reasons.

The first contact was a cut while holidaying in my aunt's house. In her garden, she grew these sharp, scary looking things that turned out to be aloe vera - she cut off a stalk and applied the natural aloe gel on my skin. It soothed immensely, though did not heal the cut immediately of course.

Photosource: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Banana-Boat-After-Sun-Aloe-Vera-Gel-16-oz/10533319

Since then, using Banana Boat's Aloe Vera Gel after suntanning or swimming to soothe  my skin has become a very common habit.   Though I found that gel a little sticky on the skin.

Photosource: https://www.vimchi.info/product/aloe-vera-benefits-herbalife-herbal-aloe-

I was also "coerced" into buying some Aloe Vera Gel from a  very pushy Herbal Life marketeer before, she called it "Aloe Gel" in her Hong Kong accent, and spoke of it as though it were a miracle for the face.  It was very expensive - it was about 10 years back, and this small tube already cost SGD$21.00. Then over the years, the price kept going up, and stopped buying since it did not moisturize or soothe much anyway.

But to be fair, back then I had very stubborn sensitive skin with breakouts.

Recently, I decided to give Aloe Vera Gel another try - starting from this miniature tube from Jorubi given to me by a friend while holidaying. I complained that my face was a little itchy from the dust, and she asked me to try this.  There was a cooling sensation upon application, and my face felt soothed thereafter.

So, since I came back, I have been shopping for, and topping up my Aloe Vera Gel - buying different brands to test them out to see if all of them worked as beautifully. Fruit of the Earth has this interesting one infused with rosehip -  while calming upon the skin, there was a weird smoky, stinging sensation whenever I applied it close to eyes area.  I tested two tubes of this, and decided that maybe I'd try its original one (without rosehips) one day, for effect.

From tubes I upgraded soon to tubs of Aloe Vera Gel - Nature Republic and Alo Natural, both Korean brands boosting high levels of pure aloe vera. I have tried the Alo Natural, and loved the cooling hydrating it leaves on my face, brightening it up.

Besides applying them on my face, I also use them as moisturizers for my limbs - soaking the skin in their natural goodness to prevent dry itchiness. My skin takes the gel in rather easily, and there is no greasy residue at all.

In fact, I love my Aloe Vera Gel so much, sometimes I wear it like a second skin - going out with no makeup on certain days, letting the sparkling aloe vera leave its radiance upon my face, brightening it up.

It is one of the best moisturizers for me - light enough for day wear, hydrating and soothing in different weather conditions, may be used on face and limbs, is natural and very affordable.  Lately I am doing research of its effects on the hair, too.

If all goes well, I might start growing Aloe Vera on my own just so I could enjoy its benefits everyday...

E - the Aloe Vera Farmer. How's that sound?

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