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Monday, 2 November 2015

Lunch at Vivavox Cafe @ International Business Park

3A International Business Park, #01-10 Icon @IBP, Singapore 609935
Tel: 6686 3368

Yes, this time, my foodhunt has taken me to the west of Singapore, a secluded, tranquil cafe nestled amidst the foliage of greens and a calm, man-made pond - right in the heart of a modern business district in Jurong area.

This is none other than Vivavox Cafe, a fusion cafe withcosy ambience and polite service,  serving a variety of pasta dishes, meatss, salads and coffee on the menu.

It is rather quiet during non-peak hours, where one could sit and chill while basking in nature's embrace, or conduct business discussions at.  Lunch hour was packed with corporate-type diners though.

The set lunch of the day was Lamb Chops in Satay Sauce, paired with a drinks for SGD$21.00.   It was very popular apparently, since the tablet menu stated that there was only about 5 sets left, and it was barely 12.30pm on a weekday!

It took me a while to decide on what I wanted, with the scorching sun and my potential sore-throat on the way, plus I was sitting alfresco. The set lunch was tempting, but I decided not to take the risk, so I settled for the Smoked Salmon (SGD$17.50) - a fillet of well textured salmon that was nearly crispy on the edges, and the inside was done Norwegian-style, a straddling the thin lines between soft and springy texture, almost like sashimi.   I was pleased with the recommendation by the service crew.

For drinks, I had an Iced Hazelnut Latte (SGD$5.00), slid smoothly on the throat in its icy form, soothing on a hot day. Taste-wise, it was sweet with detectable coffee flavour, but where was the hazelnut hint?

Overall, the service, settings and food here are rather good; and have the power to pull me back for a second, even third tryst.  The folks working at International Business Park are so fortunate!

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