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Friday, 20 November 2015

Afternoon Tea at CAD Cafe @ Bugis

23 Haji Lane, Singapore 189216
Tel:  None supplied
Website: http://cad.sg

After a good friend's housewarming, *Zachary and I left for catching up since it was a lazy Sunday afternoon. There had been a few suggestions, and then we stumbled upon CAD Cafe, and decided to chill there, drawn in by the lively decor and relaxing music in the cafe.

CAD stands for "Cafe, Art and Design", which probably sums the little coffee joint up pretty well.  The exterior walls are filled with interesting and colourful graffiti artwork, and the interior is filled with enticing paintings with bemusing captions. I loved the old-fashioned TV set that served as a "tabletop" for the water station.

Pity we had pretty good friend at the housewarming party earlier on, and could not stomach more food here, because the food here smelled really enticing. *Zachary settled for an English Breakfast Tea (SGD$4.00), served teabag-in-the-mug style.

I had an Iced Mocha (SGD$6.00) which was bittersweet in taste, a little weak in coffee's aroma but the nutty notes and chocolate flavour were detected distinctively.

Service was average - you order and pay at the counter before grabbing a seat; they would bring your drinks and food over to you. Pretty chillax ambience for catching up or doing some reading on your own.  I heard the brunch is really good so probably will try to make time to return for it.

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