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Friday, 13 November 2015

Afternoon Tea at Benjamin Browns Cafe

583 Orchard Road #01-20 / 21 Forum the Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884
Tel: 6887 4117

Benjamin Browns Cafe, according to a friend, has been around for years. Their food philosophy consists of serving only premium ingredients, such as grass-fed cows and stress-free chickens without antibiotics and hormones; and their bread is baked fresh daily. 

I am not sure why or how I missed out on this cafe even though I have been to Forum the Shopping Mall rather frequently. But anyway, the recent and very constant photo-posts of their famous milkshakes on my friends' social media feeds have piqued my interest. So I decided to gather some foodie friends to try these gigantic shakes out. If we weren't going to be indulging in shakes, I might have ordered some of these interestingly-tall cakes to try!

They had a wide assortment of milkshakes, and took us some time to deliberate and decide - whether we wanted the shakes with pretzels, cookies or cotton candy etc. They always look so colorful and charming in photos!

In the end, we decided to go for two of them - the first being Nutella Banana Milkshake (SGD$16.00). The milkshake itself was of a light chocolate flavour infused with banana's aroma - luscious, but not too thick nor creamy; and smooth enough. The giant mug of milkshake was decorated interestingly with a thick coating of nutella chocolate on the rim of the mug, with tiny salted pretzels stuck to them. There were also chocolate wafer biscuits, a thick mound of cream, chocolate love letters and a small piece of cheesecake. These made the milkshake a dessert item on its own, with all the elements of sweetness, saltiness, creaminess and crunch. It was rather delicious.

The other one we tried was the Old School Milkshake (SGD$16.00), made up of old-fashioned vanilla milkshake - a little too milky in flavour for some of us. It was decorated prettily with all the favorites from our childhood days - ice-cream cone topped with blue candy floss, pink disc-shaped cookie, mound of cream, a small piece of chocolate cake and the mini candied cookies. The chocolate cake was delightfully decadent; and there was a thick coating of chocolate sauce around the rim of the mug, plastered with tiny rainbow bubbles that exploded in the mouth.

Unfortunately, our cone toppled before we started so a small mess was created - we believe that the thick mound of cream was not .... secured enough (duh). Didn't see that happening at other tables around us - and nearly every table had a milkshake or two.

Overall, these were sweet and adorable beverages cum desserts, good for trying once or twice to admire the creativity in putting together these mammoth milkshakes. Thank you my dears, for going with me to satiate my curiosity - you know who you are! 

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