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Sunday, 18 October 2015

[Event] The Wine Family Gathering 2015 @ The Singapore Flyer

30 Raffles Avenue, Level 2 event hall, Singapore 039803
Date: 17 October 2015 
Time: 11.00am - 3.00pm

I was psyched when *Katherine told *Mira and I about this event, so we purchased the tickets and looked forward to this wine fair. I didn't read properly though, and had thought that the event was up in the flyer capsule itself, haha, so I ended up waiting for the girls at the flight entrance of the Singapore Flyer.

Anyway, we found the event hall. Upon registration, we were given a paper bag with some information pamphlets, as well as discount coupons and an empty wine glass each.  Then the fun began as we made our rounds.  Well, whoever said 11.00am is too early for drinks, is way wrong...

We spotted this Desserts booth first - filled with lots of interesting granola and cupcakes. For this special occasion, there were even alcohol-infused ones such as the Candied Mint Leaf and Rum Buttercream flavours.

So each booth was set up neatly, with bottles of recommended wine for tasting purpose, "spittoons" and palate cleansers. We started with a couple of Portugese Wine booths. The owners were very friendly, of course, and we were laden with loads of interesting information about the wine and the vineyards they were borne of.

Then we headed to the Providore booth for some ham and cheese tasting. The prosciutto and parma were great and not too saltish. We ordered a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a fruit and cheese platter - consisting of Aged Cheddar and Brie with crackers and figs. Food was enjoyable, and we had a fair bit of whites to match.

More wine tasting was in order. We had French wines, Italian wines and Australian wines as well. Most of these international wine houses supply to restaurants as well as offer online orders with delivery. We had fun interacting with them, obtaining info on food pairing and trying out more varied types of wines.

Not all were very friendly though - there were a couple of booths where the booth-tenders looked like they couldnt wait to wave the guests away. I shall not name them, but I hope they improve on their attitude during the next wine sales event / wine trade fair. We also met, and networked with some other wine collectors or lovers, people who truly enjoy and appreciate wine; and took a lot of photographs of course.

Finally, I chanced upon a rather non-descript Italian wine booth (Wine Creek) with no big, big banner but they had friendly people manning the fort. A casual chit chat and some tasting with Vincent, the boss of Wine Creek, and I had one of the best reds I came across - combining a light-bodied sweetness with hints of (get this) - roses. I got a few bottles of this for myself and as gifts, since we were given preferential rates at the wine fair anyway.  This is the Dolce Rosso.

Needless to say, all that amount of wine consumed and tasted, all of us left the fair in a happy stupor, on a slight high.  It was fun and enriching, and I cannot wait to go for more of these wine fairs soon again!

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