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Friday, 23 October 2015

Dinner at Jamie's Italian Restaurant @ Orchard

583 Orchard Road #01-04 Forum the Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884
Tel: 6655 7676

Having visited Jamie's Italian Vivocity (click here for review) before and enjoying it, I suggested revisiting it - but the new branch at Orchard, when it came to celebrating *Kirk's birthday.

Surely the famous Jamie Oliver needs no introduction, and his restaurants are inspired by his passion for the Italian way of life, being "besotted by the love, passion and verve for food, family and life itself that just about all Italian people have...."

Upon stepping into the jovial restaurant, we started with a round of drinks - Iced Mocha (SGD$6.50), Mojito (SGD$18.00), Margarita (SGD$19.00) and red wine. The friendly service crew came over to chat and make recommendations, sometimes dropping to eye level with the diners so as to effect a more personable touch.

We started with some antipasti and sides. The Crispy Stuffed Risotto Balls (SGD$11.50) was a perfect crackling sphere on the exterior, filled with crab risotto within as the name implies - flavour was not strong but one could detect the sweetness of the crab-infused risotto bits.

Then we had the Chicken Liver Pâté Bruschetta, made with Vin Santo and garnished with pancetta.one of the recommended items. The bruschetta was utterly crispy; topped with good chicken liver pâté that boosted of a rich, creamy flavour in its satiny texture.  It was tempting to order a second helping for this.

Next, we had another of the specials of the night - Tuna Salad with Purple Sweet Potato.  The tuna slices were thick and beautifully-seared, bringing out its delicious saccharine flavour from the ever lovely smokey hint. The purple sweet potato cubes were crunchy and lovely too. This was another awesome starter.

Following that, we had the Penne Carbonara (SGD$23.50), consisting of smoked pancetta,  sweet buttery leeks, lemon and traditional Carbonara sauce. The pasta was creamy but not overwhelming, boosting of a delightful flavour to it; the penne was taut but not hard, making it delicious to chew on. It was one of the best Carbonara dishes I have eaten, and usually I don't even like Carbonara.

Next, we had the Wild Mushroom and Smoked Mozarella Risotto (SGD$26.50), comprising Acquerello rice with fresh and dried wild mushrooms and oozy smokey mozarella. Flavour was intense and fortifying with the aroma of mushrooms; the smokey cheese added an umami tinge to the grainy, chewy rice, enabling every mouthful to be a ravishing one.

Then the Octopus and Mussels Spaghetti (SGD$24.50), made up of squid ink pasta, baby octopus, squids and mussels. It was every bit as tasty as I have remembered from the first time I'd eaten this at the other outlet, redolent of the lusciousness of seafood's flavour against the murky taste of the nero pasta.

Finally, to conclude the mains, we had a Mushroom Pizza - loved the crispy thin crust topped with cheese, mushrooms and salad.

We moved on to desserts next. The Tiramisu (SGD$12.50) was served on a red pan that did not look very appetising, truth be knownst.  But oh my, the moment we slipped one bite into the mouth, the intensity filled us like a reverie; the cake was moist, sapid in the coffee and amaretto flavours, and it just blew our minds literally, making this another brilliant choice made by us.

There was also the Raspberry and Chocolate-Rippled Pavlova (SGD$12.50), looking and tasting like a huge, puffed-up meringue. The delicate crisp crust was powdery and sweet, but amazingly, not cloying; the tarty raspberry combination grounding the sweet sugary casing, giving it a good balance of flavours.

Finally, the Epic Brownie (SGD$12.50), on Jamie's house in this case, provided as a birthday surprise for *Kirk - a warm slab of fudge brownie with amaretto ice-cream and caramelised popcorn.  The luscious and rich brownie filled the palates pleasantly, deliciously, and the popcorn added crunch. It was definitely another choice dessert, the next time I return.

Thank you Jamie's Italian for another fabulous meal and the awesome recommendations. Special thanks to Emma S. for taking the time to ensure that the experience was flawless and impeccable on all levels!

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