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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Dinner at Irodori Japanese Restaurant @ PoMo

1 Selegie Road #01-14 /15 Singapore 188308
Tel: 6337 7230

This is a dated entry because I visited this restaurant in April 2015, but due to the influx of reviews, have been delayed in publishing. Anyway, *Celine and I were in the mood for Japanese food, so we were glad to discover that Irodori (flagship at Riverview Hotel @ Robertson Quay) has opened an outlet at the fringe of Dhoby Ghaut itself.

The setting was more casual as compared to its flagship, but service was no less efficient. We came here for a la carte buffet dinner, which cost around SGD$43.00 per pax.   In the meantime, you might like to check out reviews on the flagship outlet here.

We started with Chawanmushi and Beef Shogayaki (beef with ginger sauce). The beef was succulent and juicy, infused nicely with ginger taste.

There were 2 complimentary starters - one of which we were familiar with, and loved absolutely.  The first was the Tofu Salmon soup, warming the soul with its homely flavours - smooth, soft tofu cubes and the natural sweetness of salmon made this appetite-whetting.   The Grilled Prawn with Salmon Roe was saccharine to the core, with springy flesh and delicious bursts of the roe popping all over the palate.  Can I have, say, 5 more please?

One could never do without Sashimi when dining out at a nice Japanese restaurant - and we had a few servings of them throughout the course of the meal.  They were fresh, thick, juicy slices that danced well on the tongue, and the variety was good too.   My favorite would always be the swordfish and salmon sashimi.

The assortment of Tempura (deep-fried battered dishes) items - shrimps, lady's fingers, eggplant etc. I love the crisps of these deep-fried items - a hearty delight.

We also had the Spider (soft shelled crab hand roll) consisting of seaweed, Japanese pearl rice and crackling soft shell crab, nectarous as ever.  This was a good explosion of flavours and texture, easily making to the top of my list of favorites.

Next, the Enoki Shitake Butter Yaki (fried mushroom with butter sauce) - chewy, crunchy and creamy all at once - every strand was teeth-alicious.

We also shared a Sake Cha Zuke (green tea rice), redolent in seaweed flavour, making for a nice, healthy soup.

I must have my Dobin Mushi (teapot soup), a lovely, tasty seafood soup with the rich goodness of seafood.

Next, the Kanistick Bacon Maki (Crab Stick Roll wrapped in bacon), comprising two of my favorite things into one.

Finally, Pork Shogayaki (pork with ginger sauce), combining the sweetness of the pork with spicy ginger flavour, great in its chewy texture.

It was  a hearty meal at Irodori once again, satisfying both our desire for Japanese food.

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